Wedding vow renewals in Hawaii

Wedding vow renewals in Hawaii are extremely popular since couples combine their vacation with their family, to enjoy the wedding vow renewal ceremony.  Some couples/families spent their time in a Waikiki hotel, but many stay at the Disney Aulani hotel in the west side of Oahu.  What a wonderful fun wedding vow renewals in Hawaii,  we recently experienced.  On. Oct. 14, 2013 Sheila & Rob Canevari, celebrating 28 years together, a beautiful wedding vow renewal on the beach with their children.  Rev. Mike Nelson, a emotional ceremony of joy enjoyed by the whole family.  Leis of love, flower bouquet and all the blessings.  Congratulations!

Then another wedding vow renewal on Oct. 22. 2013 for Sharon & Ken Robinson from Australia with their love ones.  Waialae-Kahala beach was gorgeous, a wonderful couple in Aloha wear, flower haku head leis, orchid leis and bouquet, Rev. Mike blew the conch shell for their emotional wedding vow renewal in Hawaii.  Memories forever.   Aloha & Mahalo to all.

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Hawaii affordable wedding by wedaloha

A Hawaii affordable wedding by wedaloha was enjoyed by this beautiful couple from Australia on October 7, 2013.  Carmel Pipicella and Callam Preece, a beautiful bride and handsome bridegoom looked truly like a princess and her prince. European fashion in motion, what a gown, perfect for a saucy kick of her foot to the back; black and white for Callam with a vest…pants shorter then usual with matching shoes. The best man and maid of honor, matched the European chic look.  Every one arrived on two stretch limousine, oh such happiness, with lots of smiles by all. A floral haku head lei for Carmel, and she lei-ed her maid of honor, and close love ones. Presentation of the Maile leaf lei for Callam by Carmel.  Finally a beautiful cascade bouquet for Carmel with red-dark pink American beauty roses and white-pinkish large orchids.  All this photos being taken as they happen.  Our harpist is there to present the music for the ceremony.  Rev. Michael Nelson readies his Hawaiian wedding ceremony as the harpist plays beautiful music above the sandy beach.  With Carmel & Callam watching, a Hawaiian wedding song by the harpist.  A fairy tale wedding as they took their vows. A Hawaii affordable wedding by wedaloha- Hawaii beach weddings can become a fairy tale wedding. Beautiful rings were exchange under the palm trees. A gift of leis exchange, beautiful double orchid leis.  It is gorgeously dark purple, thick & lush.  The harp music placed on as they were pronounced Mr. & Mrs. Callam Preece.  Many memories in photo to take home, the harp softly, peaceful music played on & on, during the photo shoot. A limousine ride back to the hotel with champagne celebration. Dinner celebration will be at Roy’s famous restaurant. Congratulations, & Mahalo for choosing us among many Hawaii wedding planners.  So happy to help you on a Hawaii affordable wedding by wedaloha.  Mahalo!

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Hawaii wedding vow renewal

Couple from Staten Island loved their Hawaii wedding vow renewal in Honolulu on the beach of Kahala, October 5, 3013! After 10 wonderful years and two children, Lisa & Michael Ferber came to Hawaii to celebrate & have fun with their children at the Aulani Disney hotel on the west side of Oahu. We have had so many happy couples (families) for whom we have planned their Hawaii wedding vow renewal ceremony. Written testimonials has often mentioned memories like a second fairy tale wedding.  Rev. Michael Nelson does one the best wedding vow renewal ceremony, so personal, it takes the couple back to their original wedding day. With their children watching them take their vows again, it is priceless.  Many pictures were taken of the ceremony as well as family portraits and of course wedding vow renewal portraits of the couple.  A celebration at the Luau at Koolina was anticipated by the children.  Michael is a NYPD officer on Staten Island, he is truly a very nice policeman.  Cute Lisa is a stay home mom.  What a wonderful couple, thanks so much for having us. 20 years from now, come & have your Hawaii wedding vow renewal again. Aloha!



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Wedding on Oahu a windward beach

Wedding on Oahu a windward beach with it’s white sand and blue waters; and backdrop of lush green mountains are often chosen by younger couples. Sometimes couples enjoy having their special day on the sands of the windward Oahu called Waimanalo. Cost is more to travel by limousine, around 45 minutes from Waikiki. Basicly, it would be 3 hours, based on 1.5 limo time, .5 for the ceremony and 1 hour for photo shoot. One disadvantage at this beach is, the hot sand and hot sun. On October 2, 2013 Thyda Sin & Jerry Soukhaseum arrived with their relatives (using a mini-bus) to be married by Rev. Mike Nelson.  Guitar player, Baron played his ukulele and sang a they arrived.  Baron sang the Hawaiian wedding song to begin the ceremony and Rev. Mike did a beautiful Hawaiian ceremony as the blue ocean glistened around the little islands.  A traditional leis exchange with a kiss and they were pronounced Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Soukhaseum.  What a very nice couple. Teeda (nickname) is a happy and delightful and generous person.  We hope you the best, and enjoy Hawaii. Thank you for choosing our service. Aloha. Wedding on Oahu a windward beach for Teeda & Jerry as a perfect choice.

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Aloha weddings in Hawaii

Trust and passion in creation. Much love of Aloha weddings in Hawaii, from a small intimate wedding to a larger one with guests, their is a lot of love in our planning. A Hawaii wedding small and intimate was what this couple chose. Ingrid Garcia and Federick Aparicio a really nice/ easy going couple chose a informal, intimate, but very personal wedding ceremony. Rev Michael Nelson presented them with a very personal ceremony, on this beautiful sunny day at Kahala Beach.  The view looking over the sea toward Kokohead was gorgeous, with gentle waves washing up on the beach.  This was truly a Aloha weddings in Hawaii, in the making, with the Rev.Mike’s Aloha nature spreading to the goodness of a happy couple. (Smiling with natural happiness).  The sweetness and intimacy of this special day was so delightful to see & feel.  A Hawaii wedding and honeymoon for Mr. & Mrs. Aparicio.  Mahalo, hope you enjoy the photo-memories. We know your Aloha weddings in Hawaii will forever with you.


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Beach weddings in Hawaii by weddings, are beautifully planned with locations of gentile serenity in the air. It can be a small, intimate “just you & I”  wedding, to a larger wedding with your family & guest.  If you choose a larger package, you may save money by sharing the ten passenger limousine (included in the wedding package) by having everyone transported together up to ten people.  Mary Holloway & Kunihide Miyazawa had their wedding planned by A Wedding in Hawaii, 6 months ago from Michigan. By choosing a package with many, many services, but still saved lots of money combining their wedding and honeymoon. Not to mention, having a gathering place for people afar. On Sept 29, 2013, a beautiful sunny day, with gorgeous gentle waves, they became husband & wife.  Mary & Kunihide are the sweetest couple, both are very petite people. Dressed formally they looked handsome.  Inclusive to the wedding package, our hair-makeup gal went to Mary’s hotel to give her magnificent look. (Always white flowers in the hair). Arriving on the beautiful white limousine, the love story began with video taping and photos. Met by Rev. Michael Nelson, offering her with a cascade bouquet with beautiful yellow roses & orchids. Rev. Mike offered them a welcoming Aloha in his ceremony.  A Hawaiian, American & Japanese was incorporated in his beautiful ceremony. Finalized by a lei exchange ceremony, kisses and a walk down the pathway as Mr. & Mrs. Kunihide Miyazawa. weddings presents them with a beautiful wedding video story and many photographs to help them remember this day exclusively. Dinner celebration at Sarento’s fine Italian restaurant was inclusive to their package. Presentation to the beautiful couple, full download of photographs as often as wanted, and DVDs in a Hawaiian lauhala basket.  A wedding in Hawaii weddings bid you Mahalo!

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