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Aloha and welcome from, A Wedding in Hawaii, Oahu beach wedding planners.  It was a pleasure to be part of a very special day for Marquita Willaims and Devon Capers of Raleigh, No. Carolina.  A Oahu beach wedding with a few special friends on May 16, 2014 at Waialae Beach was enjoyed by all. Rev. Mike Nelson officiated with his Aloha Hawaiian welcome and a special wedding vows for the couple.  The blessings, the traditional lei exchange ceremony of weddings in Hawaii, what a very intimate Oahu beach wedding they will always treasure. All the photos from their Hawaii wedding packages will be a forever reminding them of the happiness felt this day. If getting married away from home, although this was a simple wedding you will always feel confident to have, in this case check out any Oahu beach wedding planners when considering Hawaii weddings.  Congratulations to the new Marquita & Devon Capers. Oahu wedding planners in action for Hawaii vow renewals and wedding ceremonies.



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Hawaii beach wedding locations

A beautiful magical ceremony at Sunset on the shores of Magic Island, one of Hawaii beach wedding locations.  On May 14, 2014 (5/14/14) Liza Dishman & Wesley Currie tied the knot with many of their loved ones enjoying the the happy moment with them.  They arrived with couple of limousines to start their magic ceremony.  The beautiful Liza in a long white slim gown looked gorgeous with her bouquet of aqua and purple roses & orchids. A matching bouquet for her pretty maid of honor, and guys wore a rose boutonniere. Before the ceremony, many wedding portraits & photos were taken with Diamond Head in the background and the beautiful south shores.  Rev. Mike Nelson arrived for the sunset ceremony. The Pastor Mike who came from Detroit to participate in the ceremony was so nice to work with our Rev. Mike on the vows.  This Magic Island near Ala Moana is one of our favorite beach locations for Hawaii weddings.  The ceremony was a walk over to the west side of the park to observe hopefully the sunset of the day. There were clouds covering the sun as the ceremony began, but the redness of the sky was clearly visible. Rev. Mike opened the ceremony with the blowing of the conch shell as in traditional weddings in Hawaii. A special song by one of their very special loved ones.  The welcome by Rev. Mike with some Hawaiian was followed by a beautiful wedding vows and blessings. Pastor Mike participated with Rev. Mike and the wedding ceremony was a success.  A treasured moment it was since all of a sudden the sun appeared to give them a sunset wedding.  What a happy couple and group this was!  Congratulations to the new Liza & Wesley Currie of Detroit, Michigan.  Mahalo so much for sharing your special day with us. A delicious Italian dinner at the Sarento’s restaurant to celebrate and a special table decoration matched their bouquets. We hope you return for your Hawaii vow renewals on day! Hawaii beach weddings successfully chosen with Hawaii beach wedding locations. Learn about Hawaii wedding packages so you can have a Hawaii beach wedding as well!



Aloha from A Wedding in Hawaii. wedaloha.com



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