Hawaii beach weddings


How memorable are Hawaii beach weddings?  Just ask Jurga Ramanuskaite and Jona Kamkatnas, who chose Waimanalo Beach, Sherwood Forrest.  They spent a year in Canada and are returning home to Lithuania soon. Before returning home they were excited about getting married and honeymoon on Oahu. Looking for Hawaii beach weddings were easy on the internet, they hunted us down by looking at many Hawaii weddings and we here happy they chose us. Choosing the special beach location…looking at many sights for Hawaii beach weddings, they finally decided on Waimanalo Beach (voted the most beautiful in 2015), for its vast beautiful white sand and blue green ocean.  The notable little Islands out in the ocean seem to beckon. This adorable couple arrived smiling and ready to enjoy dresses all in white, but casual.  A green fragrant maile lei for Jonas, a beautiful french bouquet for Jurga.  Rev. Michael Nelson arrived to greet them with much Aloha.  Hawaii beach weddings usually begin with the sound of conch shell blown by the minister.  A Unity sand ceremony and a lei exchange gift of Aloha are our norm.  The optional in a ceremony is a singer/ ukulele player, hula dancer or a harp player.  A beautiful ceremony you will always remember.  For Jurgar and Jonas they will remember their wedding vows as the sound of waves softly washing up onto the sand.  The ring exchange and the mixing of their lives symbolic in the sand ceremony, and the special moment of expression of love to each other. Introducing the new Jurga and Jonas. Hawaii beach weddings, memories are forever in the many pictures you will enjoy and share. As Jurga mentioned that their little celebration was just perfect.  They had a great time, sad to leave Hawaii. But again they have great photos of their wedding ceremony, portraits, and frolicking in the sand and waters of the most beautiful Hawaii beach weddings.  Remember the lanai look out shoot?  We truly enjoyed meeting you. Mahalo and Aloha from wedaloha.com


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Simplicity of Hawaii vow renewals

Hawaii vow renewals are much like a Hawaii wedding ceremony on the beach, it is like getting the experience of a beautiful wedding again without the stress. It is a combination of Hawaiian honeymoon with the experience of joyful, memorable Hawaii vow renewals to forever seal the years together.  Some bring along their children to participate in the joy of Hawaii vow renewals experience.  The beauty of having Hawaii vow renewals is that it does not have to cost much to have a simple ceremony.  On May 19, 2015, Jennifer and Scott Lynch, celebrated their 14th wedding anniversary by having A wedding in Hawaii plan a Magic Island Magic package spending less then $300.  At the magic island site, Rev. Kimo Taylor presented Jennifer and Scott with a ceremony they will forever remember and take home the happiness to share with their two sons back in Rhode Island. A short Hawaiian ceremony with beautiful ocean and Diamond Head background.  A traditional shell lei exchange was enjoyed and, their promise of vows to each other were beautiful and intimate. Photographs of the ceremony forever sealed the beauty of having Hawaii vow renewals.  Loving portraits remind them of their wedding 14 years ago. Hawaii vow renewals are celebrated usually beginning after 10 years. Many  couples enjoy it every 10 years and then 25, 50 years. The  wedding planners in Hawaii go through the process of planning vow renewals with the exact same passion as a wedding ceremony. Simple, memorable and affordable Hawaii vow renewals. Mahalo to Jennifer and Scott Lynch from wedaloha.com


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Hawaii wedding Waimanalo beach

A beautiful day at Waimanalo Beach for, Hawaii wedding couple Ewa Krawczynska (formerly of Poland) and Justin Casto.  On this special day May, 15, 2015, they marveled over the beauty of the scenic ride over the lush green mountains, reaching their wedding site with white sandy beach as their altar. The sparkling blue waters, white waves, and little islands reaching out over the ocean.  A beautiful couple with poster perfect appearance, Beautiful  Ewa wore a simple but chic short, white dress and Justin looked very hip in khaki shorts and long sleeve white shirt.  A perfect attire for a beach wedding in Hawaii.  Fun time with many pictures taken while we waited for the arrival of Rev. Michael Nelson.  Ewa and Justin will be enjoying their Hawaii wedding memories with much joy.  Rev. Mike greeted them with the Aloha spirit of Hawaii.  Their beautiful Hawaii wedding ceremony began with the welcome sounds of the conch shell by Rev. Mike. The blowing is a technique and each shell gives a different sound.  To begin the uniting of this couple, the participating of the Hawaiian unity sand ceremony involving shell leis and pouring of sand from each decorative vials into one. The gentle sounds of waves washing up on the beach, mixed with the words of marriage vows to each other.  Facing each other, holding hands with eyes only for each other, they promised them self to each other.  A Hawaii wedding differs in some ways, but traditionally, ring exchange are done with the left finger ring.  Today, for Ewa, it was done in Polish style, with the engagement ring on the right ring finger and the wedding band on the left.  What a beautiful tradition. Hawaii wedding lei exchange is another tradition, with floral lei wrapped around their clasped hands, a prayer and the gift of love.  Words of love spoken only to each other, presenting the lei with a kiss on each cheek  This is the beautiful Hawaii wedding ceremony concluding the marriage of Ewa and Justin Casto.   Rev. Mike presents the newlywed, congratulations with the signing of the decorative marriage certificate for the Hawaii wedding couple’s treasure of memories.  More pictures were taken on the beach near the water’s edge, and the beauty of the Sherwood forest ironwood trees enhanced the handsome couple.  What a wonderful, nice couple. Ewa and Justin, much Aloha and Mahalo for having us be part of your very special day. Thanks for choosing a Hawaii wedding and honeymoon.  A Wedding in Hawaii hope to see you again. We do recommend this beautiful Waimanalo Beach wedding location at Sherwood Forest. wedaloha.com   wedaloha.com

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Hawaii weddings dream come true

Carol and Robert arrived in Hawaii with Hawaii weddings of their dream in their mind.  They learned on the day of their wedding, their Hawaii wedding planner had canceled their wedding without any notification. A wedding in Hawaii advises all couples to check out planners with the Hawaii Better Business Bureau.  It was our lucky day as well as theirs, when they contacted us to arrange a last minute wedding.  We were ever so happy to make their dream come true and help them forget their disappointment.  On May 4, 2015, they obtained their marriage license in the morning and at 3 pm they arrived excitedly for their wedding ceremony at beautiful Magic Island.  For beautiful, stress-free  Hawaii weddings, we promise all our couples, the stress they felt earlier in the day all  but melted away.  Dreams can come true for all Hawaii weddings. We thank Rev. Michael Nelson, our flower shop and the wedaloha.com team for the immediate preparation and Aloha.  A beautiful day it was for Carol and Robert with Rev. Mike’s presentation of the unity sand ceremony to officially bring their unity together.  As they faced each other for their vows, there were tears from both. Hawaii weddings are performed often after couples have been together for a long time, which was the case with this couple. The private vows to each other, the rings with endless circle were exchanged  Beautiful floral leis with words of Aloha for each other (Hawaii weddings traditional ceremony).  Hawaii weddings dream come true presents, the new Carol and Robert Bumm.  We are so happy for you. You came for a wedding and honeymoon,  you the dream did come true. We hope you enjoy the many photographs you will be receiving and enjoy your honeymoon.  Hawaii weddings of love and success are the fruits of our labor.  Weddings in Hawaii, love and Aloha.


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Hawaii wedding packages

Beautiful  weddings in Hawaii can be affordable with Hawaii wedding packages with full of goodies included. On May 1, 2015, Hawaii residents Loremay and Ryan chose a simple wedding on May Day, (lei day in Hawaii)  Weddings in Hawaii are enjoyed by many at beautiful Magic Island, whether during the day or sunset. Hawaii wedding packages with locations of sunset opportunity is best at Magic Island located near Waikiki hotels. Many family members joined the couple for this happy couple who has been together for long time.  Loremay, beautiful and very regal, Ryan handsome with smile of Aloha dimples.  Our favorite Rev. Michael Nelson greeted them with his Aloha and chatted with them to get to know them and their lives.  A gorgeous sunny day, blue waters toward Waikiki and the historic Diamond Head in the background, but all eyes are on the happy couple as Rev. Mike began the ceremony. The wedding ceremony of mixing this couple’s lives began by celebrating the unity with a beautiful sand ceremony. Ryan’s sister had the honor of presenting Rev. Mike with the ceremonial presentation.  Holding hands, facing each other with brilliant smiles, Loremay and Ryan accepted each other’s vows with tears of happiness. Weddings in Hawaii bring so much happiness and dream come true.  The accepting of beautiful rings and words of vows and love for a lifetime together.  Orchid leis for the lei exchange ceremony finalized with kisses on each cheek.  Pronouncing them as husband and wife, the new Loremay and Ryan Edgar.  Congratulations from their loved ones and presenting all the ladies with a hand made ceremic blue, yellow and white plumeria  flower for their hair.  What a beautiful gesture. A beautiful decorative marriage certificate with two shell leis to show weddings in Hawaii reality.  Hawaii wedding packages full of love. This beautiful couple has received their photos that were taken of the ceremony, with their many wedding portraits included.   A wonderful thank you message was received by wedaloha.com which was greatly appreciated.  What joy it was to contribute to the happiness found in Hawaii wedding packages complete with Aloha. Mahalo, Loremay and Edgar.   (wedaloha.com Wedding in Hawaii


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