Love blossoms to marriage, Hawaii weddings

Our Hawaii weddings. Many of our couples say “we met on the internet!”.  It seems there are so may successful love stories like that. The opportunity to meet the right person seems to be greater away from the home areas. The right person is hard to find and there is a lot of luck involved, but it happens all the time on the internet. For Maria and Jerry, they talked and got to know each other for many months, finally they met and fell in love.  Hearing about Hawaii weddings on the beach, they got excited about planning their very special day. They chose July 28, 2017, a late afternoon wedding at Kahala Beach. They chose us to plan their wedding ceremony after finding us on the internet (of course) for Hawaii weddings. All they wanted was a small intimate wedding ceremony with a few friends. They did come to support them, from all over the U.S. She ordered a beautiful cascade bouquet made of many white orchids and bunches of other white flowers, highlighted by greens and purple orchids. Maria, beautiful in a fashionable  ivory colored dress, Jerry looked great in a tan outfit.A small bouquet was also ordered with lots of purple orchids so Maria would do the traditional toss the bouquet. Reverend Michael Nelson provided them with a memorable Hawaiian ceremony, opening with the blowing of the conch. The commitment to go into this marriage began with the participation of the unity sand ceremony, mixing of their lives from the past, the present and the future. Jerry intensely looked into Maria’s eyes as they held hands and promised to love each other forever. Hawaii weddings with our loving couple like these two, makes it all worth while for us.  Gorgeous rings were admired and twinkled in the sun having its own meaning for the couple. A blessing and a lei exchange finished the ceremony with the announcement of the new Maria and Jerry of Yuma, Arizona. Congrats and Mahalo for having us.

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Memories of destination Hawaii weddings

Hawaii weddings for international couples covers more preparation and care being that they are so far away and communication are critical. The English language may be sometimes limited for some couples, but most time as long as everything is specified on paper or e mail, every one understands. In all the years of planning Hawaii weddings, we never seen a bride with the most colorful, beautiful wedding dress then beautiful Nancy Shehata wore on her wedding day, July 27, 2017. She is a Egyptian beauty and her husband to be, Fabian Bortfeldt is a handsome German. They arrived at Waimanalo Bay Beach on limousine greeted by ukulele singer, our photo/video crew and minister. Her gown with  huge billowing skirt of dark and light pink, purple and pinkish/orange designs and other colors, was purchased in Egypt. A french bouquet of matching colors of purple and white/pink.  The beauty of Egypt, and Fabian a handsome German gent in his light colored tux. A .beautiful couple. Along with them were the brides parents and two beautiful sisters. Colorful Hawaiian haku head leis for the ladies of Hawaii weddings. The colorful haku flowers were a perfect match for the lavish wedding gown. With the beautiful aura of early Hawaiian afternoon at Waimanalo Bay Beach, the sparkling blue/green ocean beckoned. Reverend Michael Nelson provided the blowing of the conch as the ceremony began with cameras rolling to document the international union of Nancy and Fabian. The Hawaiian wedding song with ukulele and the voice of Hawaii as Dad escorted Nancy down the aisle. Kisses and hugs for both. Consent of entering into vows of marriage. They were delighted to perform, a unity sand ceremony. The romantic vows of promise, the beauty and love sparkling from the ring. The exchange of leis as the gift of Aloha as they were pronounced the NEW NANCY AND FABIAN. Congratulations to a wonderful happy couple.. Enjoy your memories on video and photos, Mahalo for having us.

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We plan your Hawaii vow renewal

Far away in Wisconsin, they are thinking, should we have a Hawaii vow renewal? It would be fun high lighting a celebration for their fifth wedding anniversary. A vacation and a Hawaii vow renewal ceremony, what a great idea. Nicole and William Flesses found us and had us help plan their special day. Our Hawaii vow renewal ceremony are similarly structured like a Hawaii wedding ceremony the beach. We enjoy our job helping couples plan a day of beautiful happenings to remember forever.  A Hawaii vow renewal ceremony is planned to be full of love, everyone feeling relaxed, without stress, and happy. Ours is in a style we call “Ohana” meaning family style. We all gather  happily at the ceremony site and get acquainted a bit, a real Hawaiian Aloha style. By the time we gather at our site in this case, Kahala Beach, we are all happy and like friends.  Nicole and William just celebrated five years of happy love and marriage and it is celebration time with their beautiful (two) daughters standing by. William’s parents joined them on this journey and gifted them with a limousine ride to and from the Hawaii vow renewal site. How sweet. A morning in Hawaii, so beautiful and serene, ocean waters at low tide and turquoise waters. After the ceremony they stayed a while to frolic on the sandy beach and warm waters. Reverend Michael Nelson was the officiant. As we gathered under the coconut trees, he blew the conch in perfect harmony. (He charged his battery). A unity sand ceremony was enjoyed, and surprisingly they did have a sand ceremony five years ago for their original wedding at home. A loving Vow to each other, to continue loving and caring for each other and their children. New beautiful rings were exchanged, how lucky, Nicole. Two wonderful people with two beautiful girls. Nicole and William are the new renewed Mom and Dad Flesses. You guys are awesome. Mahalo so much for joining our wedding family, our Ohana. Aloha!

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Hawaii weddings are family affair

Hawaii weddings involves many couples who have been married before and have children on both sides. Many want to have the children involved in the ceremony and it portrays the beauty of symbolizing Hawaii weddings, not to be only a marriage for the couple, but for the marriage of two families. This turned out to be a beautiful but emotional for Tricia and Ken of Clancy, Montana on July 23, 2017 at Kahala Beach. A beautiful family of six, including their three daughters and son combined, arrived via limousine at Waialae Beach Park. Tricia looked beautiful in creme colored gown, Ken also in a creme/tan colored outfit looked great. Their son handsomely dressed like Ken. The girls looked gorgeous in fashionable lime colored dresses. What a attractive family. Pink long stem roses for each girl, and red long stem roses for The bride. Plumeria hair flower for Tricia pinned by her daughter.  The wedding was held at the peninsula facing the ocean. Reverend Michael Nelson greeted them and prepped them for the processional and ceremony. A beautiful walk down the sandy beach began the journey  to Hawaii weddings to become a family in marriage. They set up their own music for the processional as well as mini video camera. As they proceeded to the altar, the blowing of the conch. The commitment vows to always love  and care for each other, the unity sand ceremony, ring exchange, and lei exchange. The most beautiful and emotional part was the lei giving to each of their children, then gifts of beautiful rings and each one of them. What a memorable ceremony this was for them, they will forever remember. Congratulations and Mahalo to the new Tricia and Ken and the new family of love.


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We love your Hawaii weddings

Planning of Hawaii weddings can be quite challenging from afar. We are here, as well as many others to help plan beautiful weddings for your special day. Enjoy your day with no stress on your wedding day. From small to more elaborate Hawaii weddings, the offer is there, no worries, no stress. Our weddings are intimate just the two of you or medium sized ones that most couples can afford. Our weddings are relaxed and stress free, our style is family style called “Ohana style”. Our crew are old timers working together like family for many years, two of us as planners, our minister, video guy, singer/ukulele, professional photographer, limo service. Many years of professional experience. Felicia and Jeff of Salem, Oregon chose a basic package, adding a ukulele/singer. With a monthly special the receive over hundred photos to enjoy.  It is July 23, 2017, a beautiful serene cool Hawaii morning  (9:00 am) at Waialae Beach Park. The spot chosen to hold the ceremony was on a sandy hill overlooking the vast beautiful blue/green ocean and Koko Head crater. Due to the size of their guest list.  The groom arrived first with his supportive guys dressed comfortable in casual dress for business in tan and white. As guest arrived gradually, Reverend Mike Nelson set the groom facing the ocean, and guest formed a line on each side of the aisle. Beautiful Felicia arrived with her immediate love ones met by melodies of Hawaii on ukulele, and Reverend Mike. At the altar Jeff waited and at the sounding of the conch, he turned to hear the Hawaiian wedding song to watch his bride being escorted by her Dad to receive the kisses and handshake from Dad.  A beautiful memorable Hawaiian wedding,ceremony, so serene and filled with love. After taking their vows, a love song was dedicated to the new Jeff and Felicia. As they were announced as husband and wife, a crowd of Hawaiian cheers with a long kiss by the beautiful couple. They will celebrate this day with a breakfast celebration. Mahalo, Felicia and Jeff for having us support your day. Aloha and congratulations.

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Intimate Hawaii weddings

Our Hawaii weddings with several wedding/vow renewal packages to choose from are basic packages, but can be changed to your desire, additions or substitutions. Casie and William from Tampa, Florida took the basic Plumeria package, but chose to add a video of the ceremony. A wise choice for the preservation of sweet memories of any destination Hawaii weddings. With the over hundred plus photographs to share with love ones, their video tape sent through electronically can be shared as well. Love was in the air on Friday July 21, 2017 at Kahala Beach. A calm late afternoon at the beach, walking hand and hand barefoot with soft waves between their toes, they strolled happily to become the new Casie and William. Our film crew capturing the preliminary actions before our Hawaii weddings are a norm for us. A video story like of a romantic wedding in Hawaii.  They are young and happy, pretty Casie in a bright orange dress with prints of assorted color. Very tall William looked comfortable in tan colored trousers and white shirt.  Reverend Michael Nelson, one of the most well known ministers with his Mr. Aloha persona, had fun getting acquainted with the excited couple.  Finding a grassy sport above the waves on the sand below, setting for a beautiful Hawaii wedding ceremony. William, would like to blow the conch? No was the response with laughter. Reverend Mike blew the conch and their Hawaii wedding ceremony began with all the Hawaiian wedding tradition. The new Casie and William committed and vowed to love each other forever, after performing the unity sand ceremony, the ring exchange and finally the traditional offering of the gift of Aloha (leis). Congratulations to a beautiful couple on a beautiful Hawaii wedding ceremony. Thank you so much for having us on this day.



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Hawaii weddings by Weddings in Hawaii

Hawaii weddings for those currently active serving our country, a thankful discount provided. Three memorable Hawaii weddings we high light here, from a simple wedding to  more specialty type of Hawaii weddings. A simple wedding, but with many of their love ones present was beautiful Megan and her handsome, army Nelson who is stationed in Hawaii. On July 14, 2017, Hawaii weddings performed at Waimanalo Bay Beach, affording a little extra fee for travel to the Windward side of Oahu. Stylish ivory colored wedding gown, a bouquet of silk flowers, pink, purple combination. Others wore shades of purple/maroon. Nelson in tan colored outfit with vest, others wore same type of outfits of different color. Their pretty little daughter was in frilly white. A beautiful simple wedding with their families present.  Wedding ceremonies were presented by Reverend Michael for all of the Hawaii weddings we high light here. On July 17, 2017 a Hawaii wedding with limousine service and video was chosen by Sherry and Tom, she is a nurse and Tom serves in the Air force in New York. Arriving on a limousine to Waimanalo Bay beach park, greeted by weddings in Hawaii photo/film crew. The handsome couple looked so radiantly happy. First thing they noticed was the gorgeous blue/green sparkling ocean on this sunny Hawaiian day. She looked radiant in a white wedding gown. We provided her with a french bouquet of mixture of white and green orchids with clusters of other white flowers. Very outgoing Tom looked super in tan. They will so enjoy their wedding day captured on video and pictures.  ” I will love you forever”  vow of love. They were so looking forward to champagne as they enjoy the scenic route of East Oahu, heading back to their hotel.

July 17, 2017 at Waialae Beach Park, the wedding ceremony of Kristie and Michael. All they wanted was a simple wedding in the sand.  They had a lot of fun with their love ones from afar and Hawaii. She looked beautiful in a chic styled tan dress and he was so comfortable is real Hawaiian style of shorts and Hawaiian Aloha shirt. What a wonderful down to earth couple.  Every wedding ceremony mentioned above enjoyed the ever memorable ceremonies and qualities of Hawaii weddings we provide. The conch shell, the unity sand ceremony, the commitment and marriage vows, the rings, the blessing and the traditional lei exchange.

Congratulations and Mahalo from A wedding in Hawaii to MEGAN & NELSON, SHERRY & TOM (thanks for serving). KRISTIE & MICHAEL, Aloha.

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Hawaii vow renewals of your affordable choice

Want to go back in time when you first got married? Having Hawaii vow renewals on the sandy beaches of Hawaii, without stress, dress to your liking, just come and be happy. With so many enjoying these wonderful moments with their families, and vacationing together this summer, we present to you three of our most current Hawaii vow renewals. Ranging from thirteen years fifteen years to twenty years anniversaries. Some were kept secret from their wives, planned by husband and their daughters until the day of the event. On July 12, 2017 Charmaine and Dominic Trinidad with their two beautiful girls gathered at Kahala Beach (surprise for Charmaine). Beautiful couple, beautiful day, gentle and serene atmosphere, emotional Hawaii vow renewal ceremony by Reverend Mike Nelson. Conch, sand ceremony, vows, blessings, all our wedding Hawaiian collections.  Leis were given to their daughters as a gift of Aloha. Congratulation, happy 13th anniversary.

July 14, 2017, a surprise for Mina, Hawaii vow renewals for Jeff and Mina Durosko from Pennsylvania. Their pretty daughters were there to enjoy their parents ceremony. Kahala beach was waiting for them to stroll through the sand,  gentle waves washing up onto the beach. They looked so happy together walking hand in hand. A simple ceremony with just the conch, vows and blessings. Shell leis were exchanged and a few pictures for memories. Congratulations and Mahalo.

July 15, 2017, A beautiful family affair, for today’s final excerpt of Hawaii vow renewals.  Married for 15 wonderful years, Glenn & Jeffrey Ricasa of Daly City, California decided to celebrate with style. They all arrived on two limousines, so stylish they all were dressed in color of ivory/cream, except for Glenn, she was in white. Greeted by our singer strumming his ukulele and our film and photo crew. Reverend Mike Nelson brought his Aloha. Everyone received a orchid lei. The bridal party included their two girls as flower girls, and their ring bearer. The beautiful purple, white and green bouquet matched Glenn’s hair piece. A memorable vow renewal ceremony included the unity sand ceremony, the commitment, the vows to continue to love each other forever, the ring exchange, the blessings, the prayers and the lei exchange as the gift of Aloha. The beautiful melodies of Hawaii was the music background for the ceremony with a special love song dedicated to the renewed Glenn and Jeffrey. Congratulations and Mahalo .

A wedding in Hawaii enjoyed being with each one of you and Mahalo for having us. Love each other forever. Dominic & Charmaine, Mina & Jeff, Glenn & Jeffrey,  ALOHA.


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Hawaii wedding vow renewal fit for a Princess

Princess on your wedding day, be a Hawaiian princess on your Hawaii vow renewal day. On July 11, 2017, we first met Nicole and Dario Gangi of Boston, Massachusetts. We found them to be the most sweetest couple we have ever met in all our wedding years. Renewals are precious and fun for them. They are high school sweethearts, celebrated their renewal as friends after five years. They are at year seven and got married in Boston a year ago. Happy anniversary! Celebrating with a Hawaii vow renewal after one year of marriage, still honeymooning, loving each other and life to the fullest. She is a princess like love for Dario. With a colorful flower “haku” head lei, looking like a real Hawaiian princess on her Hawaii vow renewal day. She looked so sweet in her stylish cream colored fitted gown. He looked “cool” and comfortable in his chic outfit. Her french bouquet matched her perfect, reddish pink blossoms of roses with white baby clusters. A intimate Hawaii vow renewal ceremony by the Reverend Michael Nelson. They are such a fun couple, enjoying every segment of the Hawaiian style wedding/vow renewal ceremony. Jokingly the Reverend offered Dario the conch to blow which made Dario stand back. The ceremony began with the reverend blowing the conch, then asked for their commitment to enter into this sacred Hawaii vow renewal ceremony. The traditional unity sand ceremony, the promise of their vows to continue the original promise made a year ago to “I will love you forever”. Rings, blessings and finally exchanging the gift of Aloha, purple orchid leis. They whispered sweet words to each other. Presenting Princess Nicole, sweetheart of Galahad Dario. Congratulations guys. Dario, hope you found some Hawaiian Pokemon. Mahalo to the sweetest couple, hope to see you again on your next anniversary.  Aloha from A wedding in Hawaii.

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Hawaii vow renewals and Hawaii weddings

They still are! Hawaii vow renewals are in the plans for a fun trip to Hawaii. Twenty five years ago, a young Vicky and Dan Nelson, so in love, got married and spent wonderful years together. They worked hard for many years with family and love guiding them. Deciding on having a beautiful Hawaiian vow renewal ceremony with dream memories. to take home on film and lots of photographs to share with love ones. This wonderful couple from Tampa, Florida looked radiant on July 11, 2017 as they arrived at Waialae Beach Park on a luxury white limousine. She wore a beautiful stylish gown, held a bouquet with pink/red blossoming roses, color of American beauty rose, beautiful jewelries and a new wedding ring. The dreamy romantic video of our precious Hawaii vow renewals of love has begun. Sounds of Hawaiian music from the ukulele playing singer greeted them.  Love is beautiful, they are still very much in love and a very sophisticated couple.  Both having a career to be proud of, she is a school teacher and it shows she works with children using her artistic and creative talents for things she made for the wedding.  Our minister, Reverend Mike Nelson welcomed them to Kahala Beach, a gorgeous day of blue-green waters, sunshine of sweetness and tradewind to cool the air. Vicky and Dan walked to the altar with the singing  of the Hawaiian wedding song with ukulele music. Hawaii vow renewals, so different from most of their original weddings, couples seem to enjoy the Hawaiian Aloha feeling of Love. Conch shell, sand ceremony, a Aloha Hawaiian vow, the exchange of floral leis. Closing the ceremony with a love song by Baron on ukulele. What a beautiful and memorable vow renewal ceremony on their 25th wedding anniversary. Enjoy your video and photos, beautiful, fun memories to share. Mahalo so much. We enjoyed meeting and getting acquainted with you. Aloha from A wedding in Hawaii.

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