Hawaii weddings destination couples, to local couples

With people living paycheck to paycheck these days, many couples who want Hawaii weddings and honeymoon are looking for affordable wedding planners. We understand that even the amount of people coming to visit are growing, the amount of spending are dropping. We try to be as fair as possible to provide good service with Aloha, with affordable pricing. We care and enjoy making couples happy for their lifetime endeavor. This is the story of two wonderful couples who were looking for simple Hawaii weddings and were so happy with their Hawaii wedding experience with affordable pricing.

On February 27, 2019, Aramee and John from Reno, Nevada tied the knot with a Hawaii wedding day at Waialae-Kahala. She finally said yes after eight years. Happy are the couple enjoying Hawaii so much. They arrived with Aramee’s Mom. They made their own tropical bouquet with protea, and other tropical flower mix with the color pink in mine. John wore a light pink shirt, while Aramee was gorgeous in very light simmering long dress. A very merry, happy Hawaii wedding ceremony with Aramee’s contagious laughter. Reverend Michael Nelson provided a memorable wedding ceremony. Their bouquet with the pink Protea meant to be eternal love. Congratulations to the new John and Aramee.

Local couple, Rina and Derek also were looking at affordable wedding planning in Honolulu. The Hawaii weddings with local churches are tremendously expensive running at over $1000 just for the church. Having a Hawaii beach wedding, what a wonderful idea. Supporting local small business, Mom and Pop planners like us are a tremendous help to us and our vendors, while saving money for them selves. On March 1, 2019, they arrived with their little daughter, Mom and Dad and other love ones at Waialae-Kahala Beach. A lovely serene early morning. Becoming husband and wife, a memorable Hawaii beach wedding ceremony by Reverend Michael Nelson. They will celebrate at the Waikiki Prince hotel. Congratulations and Mahalo, friends.


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