Hawaii wedding ceremony just the two of them

Happy days in Hawaii!  Announcing the Hawaii wedding of Rubie Rose and Yoo Jin. On July 27, 2018 this joyous couple joined in matrimony with family and loved ones to rejoice with  them.  They met a few years ago attending community college in Honolulu. Yoo Jin still is in school and Rubie Rose works for a local medical insurance firm. Rubie’s Mom and Dad and family is originally from the Philippines and affiliated with the consulate,  A gorgeous day at Waialae Beach, however there were other venues going on so we chose a sandy area very close to the water’s edge. It turned out beautiful although there were some soaring wind surfing in the background. But that is Hawaii folks!  They were casually and comfortably dressed. Her orchid head haku lei was tied on by Yoo Jin. Parking at this Waialae Beach Park can be tricky depending how many people utilize the area. The best is to take a cab or uber. We do not recommend using this wedding site on the weekend, weekdays are the best. Reverend Michael Nelson will be the minister for Yoo Jin and Rubie Rose.  Rubie’s father will be escorting his daughter down the aisle. As the waves splashed onto the shore, Reverend Michael sounded the conch shell. Waiting for the bride to meet up with Yoo Jin, he smiled to accept Rubie Rose from her father.  A hand shake and a kiss from Dad.  The Hawaiian sand ceremony to mix their lives together.  The beautiful rings, the vows, the blessings and the gift of Aloha (the white lei exchange).  With the announcement of the new Yoo Jin and Rubie Rose, a whooping applause. Everyone was so surprised how it went, they did not expect such a beautiful Hawaii wedding ceremony. The celebration begins at the Kahala Hotel next door.  Good food and honeymoon at the beautiful hotel. Congratulations. Mahalo for having us.


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