About our Hawaii weddings

A response to reading an article on google written in 2013 about Hawaii weddings which did not cut the ice of promised Hawaii weddings in Paradise.  What is Paradise? It depends on each individual outlook. A perfect paradise without modern facilities or noise  is definitely not Waikiki or Honolulu.  The country side of Oahu, like the North Shore or the outer island of Kauai, Maui, the Big Island of Hawaii. or Lanai is probably what most people feel would be Paradise. However everywhere you go, nothing is perfect.  Our Hawaii weddings are carefully planned according to how the couple”s wants and desires. Our love and our deepest Aloha is our main ingredient for planning our Hawaii weddings. Most of our couples visits the wedding location chosen when they arrive in Oahu, which is an excellent idea. A beach wedding location usually is located at a park with beach area and public access, weekdays are best for wedding ceremonies with very few people. If traveling on a limited budget, there are no fees, we absorb the permit charge. A private secluded location are definitely not cheap to use. In order to avoid disappointment, do a lot of research, use your judgement and gut feelings on the real thing and the over embellished. “Trust” of a wedding planner chosen for planning Hawaii weddings is very important, speaking to many of them often helps you to guess their character.  Check with the Hawaii Better Business Bureau, most of us are A+ rated.  Go with a planner who will be at your wedding to meet you with ALOHA. We at A wedding in Hawaii thank you for your attention and hope these tips help you. “Just a you and me”  wedding is already Paradise to me.   Mahalo!

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