Aloha Germany Hawaii weddings

We thank all couples looking for Hawaii weddings who put their trust in Wedding in Hawaii to plan a beautiful memorable wedding for them.  Kathleen Steinbrecher and Rico Mienack, planned for their Hawaii weddings on the beach and a honeymoon on the island of Hawaii.  On March 16, 2015, they arrived early, very excited about their union. Their friend Robert came to support them.  He was given a orchid lei of Aloha.  Kathleen, looked beautiful in a chic white dress, Anticipating floral Hawaii weddings she chose to have a french bouquet with roses and Hawaiian flowers of white.  Rico and Robert dressed alike in khaki pant and long sleeve shirt. They looked great, perfect for beach Hawaii weddings. Rev. Michael Nelson arrived to greet them with Aloha Hawaii weddings of shell leis. A serene sunny day with gentle waves over the sand, Rev. Mike began with the uniting of Kathleen and Rico with a unity sand ceremony  Robert participated in the ceremony with them. Hawaii weddings on the beach, with beautiful ceremonies tend to be short, but memorable and meaningful. Kathleen and Rico faced each other, holding hands exchanging wedding vows, blessed rings were  exchanged. Looking at each other, they said their vows repeating after Rev. Mike. Before being pronounced husband and wife, they said their own promise of love for their new life together.  They exchanged floral leis traditional to Hawaii weddings, with kisses on each cheek.  A beautiful wedding, presenting the new Kathleen and Rico Mienack of Deutschland, Germany. They will have tons of memories in the photos presented to them. Have a wonderful honeymoon on the island of Hawaii and take care of those twin boys. Mahalo for choosing us for your Hawaii weddings planning.

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