Tears of joy a Hawaii vow renewal ceremony for Australian couple

Our Hawaii vow renewals are stress free, just come as you are or dress up, there are no rules. Just a memorable hour with us on one of Oahu’s beaches. We have the honor of celebrating with you, a very romantic vow renewal ceremony by our professional crew on your special day. Your Hawaii vow renewal need not cost you an arm and a leg, we have a simple package called Magic at Magic at Magic Island (A park by the ocean with the scene of the historic Diamond Head in the background). Our couple, friends on our Facebook page from Australia took this package and they had a great time. Tanya and Trevor Twyford resides in Australia, married happily for twenty-five years. Everything was via e-mail and everything turned out super great. They chose October 24, 2017 at three O’Clock, being they got married twenty five years ago on October 24 at exactly the same time. It was quite emotional and happy. They arrived with their best friends to support them. The Reverend Kermit arrived to call out “Hey, Matey” and we all got be friends right away. It was a beautiful day compared to the day before, which stormed with heavy rain and thunderstorm. Luck was on their side. To celebrate, they had already traveled to the Island of Maui, and from here spend some time in Las Vegas, California. The Hawaii vow renewal of Tanya and Trevor, presented by Reverend Kermit started with the high tones of the conch. Floral and shell leis were first presented to their dear friends. Love is in the air as they held hands and locked their eyes. Accepting the vows, memories returned and tears of happiness from everyone. Reverend Kermit delivered a memorable ceremony. A white flower lei for Tanya and a shell lei for Trevor to seal the vow renewal as a gift of Aloha. A wonderful couple, the renewed Tanya and Trevor. Have a great trip to Las Vegas and returning home to Australia. Mahalo.


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