Our couple, Hawaii wedding at Waialae Beach

Our beautiful and excited couple has arrived for their Hawaii wedding ceremony. The beach was beautiful, the sand was warm, the ocean was azure and sparkling in the sun, a perfect day for the Hawaii wedding of Katelyn and Mike. Coming from Illinois, on a long flight to Honolulu, leaving a seventy degree temperature arriving to a eighty degree Hawaiian trade wind day. A nice but tiring flight the day before their wedding. On June 25, 2018 they still had to secure their marriage license downtown. They were excited, beautiful accomodation at the Hilton Hawaiian Village in Waikiki, still time to relax. Early afternoon wedding with tradewind to bring a comfortable coolness. Here they come! A greetings of Aloha with Reverend Michael Nelson. Katelyn and Mike, so sweet, all they wanted was a short ceremony full of love. They certaining got a joyful Hawaii wedding with traditional Hawaiian features. She was a sweet and beautiful bride wearing a simple but classy long dress in ivory color. Mike, a super guy looked comfortable in long sleeve white shirt and dark brown trousers. The beautiful Hawaii wedding ceremony began with the couple crossing the white bridge over to the sandy dunes of the beach park. A beautiful photo image of them strolling hand in hand over the bridge. They kicked off their shoes and the warm sands between their toes felt good. The welcome sound of the conch blown by our minister, indicating something important was to happen. Holding hands facing each other, Katelyn and Mike looked lovingly at each other with brilliant smiles. It will be only fifteen minutes before their dream will come true. The sand ceremony a symbol to blend their lives together. The sand in these bottles contain their characteristics, blended together for the making of a family. Beautiful vows, sparkling rings with many meanings, traditional flower lei offering and then these two became one. The new and lovely Mike and Katelyn. Fun and joyful it was as the photo shoot went on, creating beautiful wedding portraits to cherish. It was certainly a pleasure to meet you. Mahalo and hope to see you again. Aloha.


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