Beautiful photos, memories of romantic Hawaii weddings

I will forever love you with all my heart, our dreams of Hawaii weddings have come true.  The love and free spirit of this couple radiates joy and the precious enjoyment of life. The Hawaii weddings venue is like a dream for Irene and Andrew from Marysville, California. Andrew is from Washington state and serves in the US Air force. is originally from Spain. Venue chosen was a simple wedding but with the beautiful Hawaii wedding location of Waimanalo Bay Beach at Sherwood forest. On November 12, 2018 they almost had the whole beach to themselves. The waters were calm, the island like Rabbit Island was green with the recent wet weather. A serene, romantic aura with the sound of waves on the beach. This is a perfect Hawaii wedding day for Andrew and Irene, a lucky omen as they begin life together.  How important are flower to the bride and groom? For Irene and Andrew, spending some extra money on the beauty of Hawaii’s wedding flowers were important to them. The haku head lei, made with flowers, colorful or white, entwined and woven together to be tied around the crown. Giving the beautiful look of a Hawaiian princess. The fragrant Maile leaves are pounded and entwined to use as a lei, giving the look of a Hawaiian royalty. A white orchid corsage for her, a matching boutonniere for him. Finally our two purple orchid leis which is used for the Hawaiian lei exchange, as a gift of Aloha.  Simply beautifully dressed in a creme colored long slim fit gown, Irene looked ready with all the beautiful floral accessories. He looked so handsome like a Hawaiian royalty.  For this wedding with all the enjoyment of a Hawaiian ceremony, the main feature was a ring exchange and a surprise to his bride. With all my heart I give to you this ring which holds the love and soul of my mother. Andrew presented Irene his mother’s wedding ring. She passed on sometime ago. An emotional moment for Irene and Andrew, the moment so beautiful with tears and joy overflowing. Everything was all golden for the romantic happy wedding in Hawaii.  Life together forward in happiness and free spirit. They are going scuba diving after the wedding.   Congratulations and Mahalo for having us.

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