A wedding in Hawaii

A wedding in Hawaii had the pleasure of planning the memorable wedding of Michelle and Tony Hollins of Maryland. It was June 22, 2017, a beautiful Thursday afternoon at Magic Island, Honolulu, with photo and video crew to capture the arrivals. The guys arrived earlier, Tony with Dad and uncle. Tony in all white with a vest of creamy color, very stylish. A yellow boutonniere to highlight is silky vest. Reverend Michael Nelson whisked them away to the wedding spot looking over the panoramic view of historic Diamond Head and waters toward Waikiki. Activities far out yonder into the background of surfing and canoe paddling. A wedding in Hawaii edits pictures without the activities in the background.  The arrival of the limousine with the gorgeous smiling bride, Michelle, white bridal gown, oh so stylish and chic. The beautiful ladies dressed in yellows and oranges, styles of class. Mom, daughter and love ones emerged happily from the limousine. A colorful bouquet of yellow, orange, white and touch of purple, turned out beautiful with assortment of flowers and ferns. Tony and his guys has turned their backs facing the ocean as not to see the bride until she walked down the aisle. Everyone was set in place with the beautiful broom (yellow orange brightly dominant colors of ribbon) in front of the altar.  Tony and guys face the altar, Reverend Michael blows his conch twice, the wedding ceremony begins. Michelle walking down the aisle to meet Tony.  A Hawaiian sand ceremony mixing of two lives, the marriage vows commitment to become one and love each other always. Their own words of vows were very special. Beautiful rings of love were exchanged. Presentation of a necklace to Michelle;s daughter was emotional. Exchange of the gift of Aloha, purple leis with kisses on each cheek. They enjoyed their tradition of “jump the broom”  after the introduction of the new Michelle and Tony. A wedding in Hawaii sends Mahalo for having us on your very special day.


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Wedaloha.com weddings

Beach weddings in Hawaii by wedaloha.com weddings, are beautifully planned with locations of gentile serenity in the air. It can be a small, intimate “just you & I”  wedding, to a larger wedding with your family & guest.  If you choose a larger package, you may save money by sharing the ten passenger limousine (included in the wedding package) by having everyone transported together up to ten people.  Mary Holloway & Kunihide Miyazawa had their wedding planned by A Wedding in Hawaii  Wedaloha.com, 6 months ago from Michigan. By choosing a package with many, many services, but still saved lots of money combining their wedding and honeymoon. Not to mention, having a gathering place for people afar. On Sept 29, 2013, a beautiful sunny day, with gorgeous gentle waves, they became husband & wife.  Mary & Kunihide are the sweetest couple, both are very petite people. Dressed formally they looked handsome.  Inclusive to the wedding package, our hair-makeup gal went to Mary’s hotel to give her magnificent look. (Always white flowers in the hair). Arriving on the beautiful white limousine, the love story began with video taping and photos. Met by Rev. Michael Nelson, offering her with a cascade bouquet with beautiful yellow roses & orchids. Rev. Mike offered them a welcoming Aloha in his ceremony.  A Hawaiian, American & Japanese was incorporated in his beautiful ceremony. Finalized by a lei exchange ceremony, kisses and a walk down the pathway as Mr. & Mrs. Kunihide Miyazawa.  Wedaloha.com weddings presents them with a beautiful wedding video story and many photographs to help them remember this day exclusively. Dinner celebration at Sarento’s fine Italian restaurant was inclusive to their package. Presentation to the beautiful couple, full download of photographs as often as wanted, and DVDs in a Hawaiian lauhala basket.  A wedding in Hawaii Wedaloha.com weddings bid you Mahalo!

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Hawaii weddings at Kahala beach

Feb 4, 2013 Elizabeth Howard and Ronald Linn wedding at Waialae beach.  Elizabeth and Ronald arrived ready for their special day, with her daughter & son in law to help celebrate this day. Greeted by Rev. Mike Nelson, they walked down to the beach sighting the beautiful view toward the wedding area, their own special island.  Sunny but a bit breezy, but everyone was so relaxed and happy, it did not matter.  Rev. Mike did a wonderful ceremony for them to remember with the vows to each other. A blessing was done with the beautiful flower leis wrapped around their hands together. (the couple will have a private ring exchange with their children). The leis were exchange with much love.  Such a very cute couple, love is in the air!  Their daughter & son-in-law were aloha-ed with white & purple combination leis.  Mr. & Mrs. Linn exchanged beautiful white orchid leis.  Thank you so much, Elizabeth and Ronald, it was a great pleasure meeting you. We hope you enjoy the fun day with us and enjoy all your wonderful photo images.  They are going home to Grand Terrace, California to share their memories.  Aloha!

Hawaii Wedding Packages

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Winter special for your Hawaiian wedding



I will be posting today’s wedding synopsis soon. Mahalo for stopping by!

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Hawaii Weddings – Mr and Mrs Navarro

June 7, 2012 wedding at Waialae Beach. Congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Navarro from Salado, Texas. What a wonderful happy couple, they are so into each other! Stephanie Downard and Jerry Navarro are into a military career. Thanks so much for serving. With moms, dads, siblings and friends gathered together, the Rev. Mike Nelson did his personalized wedding ceremony for this nice couple. Lei

s were given to parents, Dad walked beautiful Stephanie down the sandy aisle to meet Jerry, Dad kissed Steph, shook Jerry’s hand. What a beautiful ceremony on a beautiful day. Many photos were taken with bouquet leis flowing. The wedding was video taped from the arrival of the limo, walking down the beach, the wedding ceremony, a love story segment, and the party leaving on the limo. They were taken to Sarento’s restaurant on the top of the Ilikai to celebrate their very special day. A candle light ceremony was expected to be done at dinner. (Hawaii is too windy at the beach to light candles, better to have a sand ceremony instead). Thanks so much, guys for having us share you special day with us. We really enjoyed you and your family! Best of luck and thanks again for serving us in the US military. Hope you enjoy the pics, etc and the lauhala gift box as a keepsake. aloha!
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Tisa Zepeda and Mark Soeteber were married at Waialae Beach

April 5, 2012 Tisa Zepeda and Mark Soeteber of Yelm, Washington were married at Waialae Beach by Rev Mike Nelson at 2 in the afternoon. They had 12 guest, some were presented with white orchid leis. Tisa looked beautiful with her haku head lei and Mark looked great in his maile lei. Rev Mike did a wonderful ceremony for them. Suzanne did a great job with the photography. Best wishes and mahalo to Mr. & Mrs Mark Soeteber!

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