Wedding vow renewal in Hawaii

10th wedding anniversary, June 30, 2014 meant Hawaii vow renewals for Gladys and Joffrey Williams with their two cute daughter and son. The couple got married at the court house so this was very special for them, especially Gladys.  A special day for a wedding vow renewal in Hawaii was planned to combine a vacation with their family. Magic Island was a beautiful spot with diamond head in the background and beautiful waters off Ala Moana Beach.  Rev. Mike Nelson met this nice couple with much Aloha. The ceremony started with the blowing of the conch shell by Rev. Mike like traditional Hawaii weddings. A beautiful wedding in Hawaii by the sea, Gladys and Joffrey beamed with happiness and emotions took over as they repeated their marriage vows of 10 years ago. They exchanged the same rings they got married with, and quietly had words of love and thank you to each other.  They presented leis to their children and signed the decorate certificate together. Gladys’s brother and sister in law were there to support them and joined in for the group shots.  Gladys finally has wedding vow renewal portraits and all. Many pictures were taken, even family portraits.  What a delightful couple, we enjoyed meeting you.  Much Aloha and Mahalo for choosing us for your Hawaii wedding packages.

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