Memorable Hawaii beach wedding

Memorable Hawaii beach wedding of Australian couple, Samantha (Sammi) Hearn and Steven Kent. On April 28, 2016, a gorgeous sunny day at Waimanalo Bay, Sherwood forest, this couple enjoyed their special day, supported by a bus full of their love ones.  A love story of their marriage began with camera crews rolling, here comes the groom, Steven with guests on a mini-bus. Following his arrival he was whisked away by Rev. Michael Nelson down to the beach site of their Hawaii beach wedding, followed by their guests. The limousine arrived with Sammi, her wedding party and her Mom. Beautiful Samantha very smartly dressed in a form fitting gown.  The bridal party included their daughter, dressed in powder blue dresses. They all held beautiful bouquets made of artificial plumeria flowers. As the guest mingled at the ceremony site, beautiful Hawaiian music played by Dereck on ukulele. Rev. Mike set up the stage having Kent face the ocean. A Hawaii beach wedding has begun. The conch shell blowing, Kent turned to face toward the arriving of the wedding party.  The Hawaiian wedding song by Dereck on ukulele as Sammi was escorted to meet Steven at the altar.  Welcome and congratulations from Rev. Mike on this special day, their Hawaii beach wedding ceremony.  Beginning with the unity sand ceremony to blend their lives together.  The beautiful vows were said, commitment to each other in marriage; to pledge and cherish in union.  Rings of brilliance, of beauty and meaning  of a gift offered and received.  The three strand pikaki flower lei for Sammi and a maile-pikaki lei for Steven were blessed around their hands.  These leis were exchanged as a gift of Aloha.  A strand each of Pikaki lei was presented to their daughter and bridesmaid. T leaf woven leis were presented to their son and bestman. A special love song for the newly wed was beautiful, sung by Dereck playing the ukulele. The announcement of the new Steven and Sammi Kent, a memorable Hawaii beach wedding it was.  Congratulations and photo shoots followed.  A beautiful video love story of their Hawaii beach wedding to enjoy and share.  A limousine ride to party at the Tiki bar and grill in  Waikiki.  Mahalo for having us share your day with you. Much Aloha.

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Hawaii wedding locations and wedding packages for Hawaii beach weddings

Hawaii wedding locations chosen with  perfect Hawaii wedding packages, beach weddings and vow renewals are so memorable! April 19, 3013, a beautiful day at Kahala Beach, “Love”  brought Holly Chang and Harry Chen with the Hawaii packages, with many wonderful extras.  The lovely bride dressed in white satin, he in a suit arrived via limousine, they s were greeted by music and singing by Baron Bento and his daughter dancing the hula.  A beautiful french bouquet with dark pink and cream colored roses to match her gown.  The view is spectacular, being a sunny and clear day, with sparkling waters off shore. The sound of the conch shell (by Rev Mike). As the couple  walked down the aisle with ukulele strumming in tune with Baron’s voice, “here comes the bride”, a calm sereneness in the atmosphere. A special dance and song for the couple before the ceremony!  Rev. Mike Nelson presented a beautiful wedding ceremony for Holly and Harry, facing each other, they said their wedding vows.  The beautiful rings were blessed and exchanged.  There was a blessing for the couple and the marriage, with exchange of flower leis.  Finally, the pronouncing of husband & wife, with ukulele playing, singing and hula dancing.  Every moment was captured on video tape as well as still photo images.  Congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. Harry Chen.  They own a tour company in California escorting tourist in the west coast area from Asia.   Thank you very much for sharing Aloha!

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Hawaii weddings at Kahala beach

Feb 4, 2013 Elizabeth Howard and Ronald Linn wedding at Waialae beach.  Elizabeth and Ronald arrived ready for their special day, with her daughter & son in law to help celebrate this day. Greeted by Rev. Mike Nelson, they walked down to the beach sighting the beautiful view toward the wedding area, their own special island.  Sunny but a bit breezy, but everyone was so relaxed and happy, it did not matter.  Rev. Mike did a wonderful ceremony for them to remember with the vows to each other. A blessing was done with the beautiful flower leis wrapped around their hands together. (the couple will have a private ring exchange with their children). The leis were exchange with much love.  Such a very cute couple, love is in the air!  Their daughter & son-in-law were aloha-ed with white & purple combination leis.  Mr. & Mrs. Linn exchanged beautiful white orchid leis.  Thank you so much, Elizabeth and Ronald, it was a great pleasure meeting you. We hope you enjoy the fun day with us and enjoy all your wonderful photo images.  They are going home to Grand Terrace, California to share their memories.  Aloha!

Hawaii Wedding Packages

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Beach Weddings Hawaii Oahu – Edu and Luis

A beautiful chair set up with conch shell decor (by Garrett) facing the blue ocean of Waialae Beach on 8/9/12. The wedding of Edu Victor and Luis Manjarrez was happily witnessed by many, many of their relatives and friends. Their guests arrived by mini-bus, followed by the bride and groom with their wedding party on a limousine. Beautiful bride, with the proud husband to be! As Rev. Kimo Taylor greeted the couple, the guitarist/singer (Derreck) serenaded in the back ground. Edu presented the maile lei to Luis
and placed his bout. on is lapel. A gorgeous tear drop bouquet with roses and tropical orchids highlighted her beautiful gown. Leis were given to moms and Dads. As Rev Kimo blew his conch shell, with the sound of guitar and singing of the Hawaiian Wedding song,
Edu walked up the sand/aisle to become Mrs. Manjarrez. What a wonderful Hawaiian wedding ceremony by Rev Kimo, all preserved forever by photo and video images. Many photos were taken, and the portraits are gorgeous. They returned by liimo to celebrate their reception at the Duke’s in the Outrigger Waikiki hotel. Thanks, Edu and Luis, it was a pleasure to be part of your special day. Congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. Luis Manjarrez of Culver City, California! We hope you enjoy all the beautiful memories you will take home with you. The Hawaiian lauhala basket is a gift of thanks. Mahalo and Aloha!

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Mabel and Charles’ Beach wedding in Hawaii

Presenting the new Mr. & Mrs. Charles Edwards! On July 13, 2012, Mabel Montalvo and Charles Edwards (with their many daughters and sons) became a new family. Many of them along with friends arrived on a 20 passenger limo. They had a beautiful bouquet, maile lei, and a harp playing for their special time. The Rev. Mike Nelson did a beautiful ceremony with the couple in the sand. Waialae Beach was beautiful as always with the islands and Koko crater in the background. With a slight shower after the wedding, everyone rode happily away on the limo, drinking their champagne.
Aloha and mahalo!

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