The beauty of having Hawaii vow renewals

Want to say “I do” again in Hawaii? Summer time soon to come, vacation plans in Hawaii could include Hawaii vow renewals. Plans to enjoy renewing your vows in Hawaii can be fun, getting your children involved and including a family vacation is super fun. Many couple plan their Hawaii vow renewals around their vacation plan with the help of Hawaii wedding planners. Many have their own thoughts of doing a ceremony every five years, ten years and so on. Some have surprise vow renewal ceremony for their spouse. Sometimes they do multiple Hawaii vow renewals with several couples of different generation; several good friends couple combine to say I do together. There are many ways of tweaking this special ceremony, the children can be involved with the unity sand ceremony or gift giving of Aloha. A stress free fun day for the whole family. Our Hawaii vow renewals are usually with small groups usually with their children, a family like happy atmosphere we call Ohana style. Drew and Jannelle from North Dakota were enjoying their Oahu vacation with their children from the week of February 3rd. There was a well kept secret coming up for Drew on February 8, 2018. Jannelle had arranged a surprise Hawaii vow renewal ceremony at Magic Island. He was told about the surprise when they all arrived at the site and was elated. Married in a church ten years ago, this Hawaiian ceremony would be such a wonderful memory on this special day. Diamond Head in the background, Reverend Michael Nelson announced the renewed marriage of Drew and Jannelle. Congratulations and Mahalo. We will see you in another five-ten years?
Blissful marriage for fifteen years, now residing in Oahu, Dennis and Tami renew their wedding vows every five years. This very nice and wonderful couple enjoyed their third vow renewal on February 10, 2018 at Kahala Beach. Their anniversary and Dennis’s birthday is February 12. Their family and love ones were there to support them as always wearing very colorful outfits in orange, purple, blue, green. Wek were so happy for them as Reverend Mike Nelson gave his blessing as the said I do for the third time. Hawaii vow renewals are happy times especially with this very colorful family. Congratulations and many more years to come.

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We love planning Hawaii vow renewals on the beaches of Oahu

In Hawaii, vow renewals are so common that we associate Hawaii vow renewals with the same packages as Hawaii weddings. Many of our ceremonies are for smaller groups and intimately romantic with “just the two of them” During the summer months we tend to have many Hawaii vow renewals planned to have children and family to join them. With Fall and Winter approaching, we tend to enjoy the small intimate Hawaii vow renewal ceremonies. These ceremonies are lovely and romantic, a family style as we gather together cozily with just the minister or couple of friend (called Ohana). Even with this simplicity, you get to take home a lot of beautiful professional pictures of memories of your Hawaii vow renewal. Life is too short, enjoy a simple second honeymoon with a simply renewal of vows like our lovey, sunny couple from Austin, Texas. Married just five years ago in February of 2012, we present Alyssa and Jonathan Lee. They are a happy couple who enjoy the sun and beach, they got married in Jamaica five years ago. A adventure seeking couple we instantly loved. They were dressed casually dressed for the summer time fun. Meeting our minister for the day, Reverend Michael Nelson, they walked hand in hand strolling happily near the waterline. Pictures were taken as they happily walked in the sand to arrive at Kahala Beach under the green palm trees. A Oasis where were call our beach altar. It if October 20, 2017 at noon Hawaii time. The Hawaii vow renewals with warm weather and beautifully romantic settings. These are some of Hawaii vow renewal features that Alyssa and Jon has not experienced 5 years ago: the blowing of the conch, the unity sand ceremony and the giving of the gift of Aloha (lei exchange). The most precious of all is the partaking of the most memorable vow renewals of Rev. Mike Nelson. We were so honored to celebrate this day with you. This gorgeous couple have been enjoying Oahu and staying at the historic Sheraton Moana, with the famous banyan tree in the courtyard. Congratulations and Mahalo to the new re-newed Jon and Alyssa.

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Hawaii vow renewals of Aloha

Hawaii vow renewals, what a week of enjoyment and memories enjoyed by loving couples. We had a super time also, like we always do, but helping couples renew their vows are so nice because being already married, they are not stressed out. Hawaii vow renewals for us is like a family gathering (Ohana as we say in Hawaiian). Many start by planning a vacation in Hawaii with their family, then this beautiful idea, should we renew our vows in Hawaii too? It is an exciting idea, and the children gets involved. The beauty and feeling of having your children present for the ceremony, one cannot begin to explain. The memories of this moment they take home with them are precious and remembered for generations. Some of Hawaii vow renewals couple are empty nesters that take long vacations and have a private intimate ceremony to commemorate their vows of years together.
Our Hawaii vow renewals September 14, 2017 Amy and Rob Jankovsky of Ohio celebrated their twenty-fifth wedding anniversary “just the two of them” with a intimate Hawaii vow renewal ceremony at a beach scene, so different from their original wedding. A stress free happy couple still very much in love. Amy looked as lovely and slim as she did at her wedding day (confirmed by Rob) with a off white stylish dress. Rob looked cool and sharp too. Reverend Michael Nelson delivered a ceremony they will forever cherish. Thank you to the renewed Amy and Rob.
Nicole and Craig MacDonald of Australia celebrating their sixteen years of wedded bliss, renewed their vows on September 18, 2017. Their three beautiful daughters enjoyed the moments with others giving support to their parents. A sprinkle of rain as good luck for their Hawaii vow renewal at Magic Island. Singer-ukulele played and sang the Hawaiian wedding song and the Reverend Michael Nelson sprinkled his magic to renew their wedding vows. Congratulations to Nicole and Craig.
Twenty years of married bliss fr Trish and Chris Carney from Australia. On September 19, 2017 memorable vow renewals with blessings at Magic Island. A floral haku head lei for beautiful Trish and daughter, white orchid leis for Chris and son. Arrival by limousine, what a wonderful family. A Hawaii vow renewal by Rev. Mike Nelson forever cherished. Mahalo and Aloha for such fine people.
We love and cherish these ceremonies, we had so much fun with you all. Our Aloha always.

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Hawaii vow renewals of your affordable choice

Want to go back in time when you first got married? Having Hawaii vow renewals on the sandy beaches of Hawaii, without stress, dress to your liking, just come and be happy. With so many enjoying these wonderful moments with their families, and vacationing together this summer, we present to you three of our most current Hawaii vow renewals. Ranging from thirteen years fifteen years to twenty years anniversaries. Some were kept secret from their wives, planned by husband and their daughters until the day of the event. On July 12, 2017 Charmaine and Dominic Trinidad with their two beautiful girls gathered at Kahala Beach (surprise for Charmaine). Beautiful couple, beautiful day, gentle and serene atmosphere, emotional Hawaii vow renewal ceremony by Reverend Mike Nelson. Conch, sand ceremony, vows, blessings, all our wedding Hawaiian collections.  Leis were given to their daughters as a gift of Aloha. Congratulation, happy 13th anniversary.

July 14, 2017, a surprise for Mina, Hawaii vow renewals for Jeff and Mina Durosko from Pennsylvania. Their pretty daughters were there to enjoy their parents ceremony. Kahala beach was waiting for them to stroll through the sand,  gentle waves washing up onto the beach. They looked so happy together walking hand in hand. A simple ceremony with just the conch, vows and blessings. Shell leis were exchanged and a few pictures for memories. Congratulations and Mahalo.

July 15, 2017, A beautiful family affair, for today’s final excerpt of Hawaii vow renewals.  Married for 15 wonderful years, Glenn & Jeffrey Ricasa of Daly City, California decided to celebrate with style. They all arrived on two limousines, so stylish they all were dressed in color of ivory/cream, except for Glenn, she was in white. Greeted by our singer strumming his ukulele and our film and photo crew. Reverend Mike Nelson brought his Aloha. Everyone received a orchid lei. The bridal party included their two girls as flower girls, and their ring bearer. The beautiful purple, white and green bouquet matched Glenn’s hair piece. A memorable vow renewal ceremony included the unity sand ceremony, the commitment, the vows to continue to love each other forever, the ring exchange, the blessings, the prayers and the lei exchange as the gift of Aloha. The beautiful melodies of Hawaii was the music background for the ceremony with a special love song dedicated to the renewed Glenn and Jeffrey. Congratulations and Mahalo .

A wedding in Hawaii enjoyed being with each one of you and Mahalo for having us. Love each other forever. Dominic & Charmaine, Mina & Jeff, Glenn & Jeffrey,  ALOHA.


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Hawaii vow renewals and Hawaii weddings

They still are! Hawaii vow renewals are in the plans for a fun trip to Hawaii. Twenty five years ago, a young Vicky and Dan Nelson, so in love, got married and spent wonderful years together. They worked hard for many years with family and love guiding them. Deciding on having a beautiful Hawaiian vow renewal ceremony with dream memories. to take home on film and lots of photographs to share with love ones. This wonderful couple from Tampa, Florida looked radiant on July 11, 2017 as they arrived at Waialae Beach Park on a luxury white limousine. She wore a beautiful stylish gown, held a bouquet with pink/red blossoming roses, color of American beauty rose, beautiful jewelries and a new wedding ring. The dreamy romantic video of our precious Hawaii vow renewals of love has begun. Sounds of Hawaiian music from the ukulele playing singer greeted them.  Love is beautiful, they are still very much in love and a very sophisticated couple.  Both having a career to be proud of, she is a school teacher and it shows she works with children using her artistic and creative talents for things she made for the wedding.  Our minister, Reverend Mike Nelson welcomed them to Kahala Beach, a gorgeous day of blue-green waters, sunshine of sweetness and tradewind to cool the air. Vicky and Dan walked to the altar with the singing  of the Hawaiian wedding song with ukulele music. Hawaii vow renewals, so different from most of their original weddings, couples seem to enjoy the Hawaiian Aloha feeling of Love. Conch shell, sand ceremony, a Aloha Hawaiian vow, the exchange of floral leis. Closing the ceremony with a love song by Baron on ukulele. What a beautiful and memorable vow renewal ceremony on their 25th wedding anniversary. Enjoy your video and photos, beautiful, fun memories to share. Mahalo so much. We enjoyed meeting and getting acquainted with you. Aloha from A wedding in Hawaii.

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Heartfelt Hawaii vow renewals

Reaffirming of vows, your beloved children present with intimate Hawaii vow renewals, are enjoyed by many couples and families. This is especially popular with couples from the United States and Australia for  “A wedding in Hawaii”.  Enjoying twenty eight wonderful years together with their son and daughter,  The experience of Hawaii vow renewals seemed like a nice way to say once again “let her/(him) be the promise you keep”. Beautiful idea for Sandy and James Pellegrine. Living in Boston, the flavor and the lush green environment and beaches of Hawaii seemed enticing. Enjoying the four islands together with the family on a cruise ship for a week was a perfect vacation. Reserving the last day of their Hawaii trip was the beautiful Hawaii vow renewal ceremony on June 26,  2017 at the gorgeous white sandy beach of Waimanalo Bay. Staying in quiet Laie for couple of days, it was worth selecting a quiet location such a the Waimanalo Bay Beach, further into the windward area near the Bellows AFB is enjoyed by our military personnels. The extra travel charge are worth every penny using this location. The Reverend Michael Nelson personalizes his Hawaiian ceremony with information you provide him as he gets to know you. He is great in remembering names like mentioning the children’s names during the ceremony.  A gorgeous day with beautiful turquoise waters, miles and miles of sandy beach and white waves. They all wore casuals fit for a Hawaiian ceremony, and so very happy and ready to enjoy Hawaii vow renewals with joy.  Conch shell blowing, Unity sand ceremony, the reaffirming of their vows of I will love you forever, the floral lei exchange ( the gift of Aloha ). Presenting happy Sandy and James, vow renewed in beautiful Oahu. Beautiful photos captured memories of the wedding near the ocean, portraits and walk in the Sherwood Forest of Waimanalo.  Congratulations and Mahalo for having us enjoy you and your family. Aloha.



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Hawaii vow renewals, family love

Love and fun at beautiful Waimanalo Sherwood forest for Hawaii vow renewals. One of the most spacious and gorgeous white sandy beach on the island of Oahu. For Hawaii weddings and Hawaii vow renewals, a perfect place for pictures within the woods of Sherwood Forest among the ironwood trees. The vast scenic view of famous little island and the gorgeous blue-green sparkling Pacific ocean bring a feeling of calm and peace. It is a beautiful place, it might cost a little more because of the travel time, around forty-five minutes from Waikiki to the windward side of Oahu, but well worth the minor cost. The beautiful and charming Maruchy and Chris Cantu happily married for twenty years surprised their two handsome sons with the announcement of Hawaii vow renewals experience involving the whole family. They only were informed the day before the special day. June 13, 2017, La Especial, beautiful limousine picked up the loving family at the Marriott hotel in Waikiki, they happily arrived at Waimanalo Beach greeted by our crew and Reverend Michael Nelson. So beautiful she is, Maruchy and Chris so cheerful, so young looking to show off their boys of fourteen and seventeen. What a very nice loving family from Texas. A beautiful day, a memorable 20th anniversary celebration with a twist, Hawaii vow renewals of family love. Opening the ceremony was the sound of conch shell, the Aloha welcome and congratulations from all friends of Hawaii weddings. A family unity sand ceremony with each member of the family holding their own bottles of sand, poured into one jeweled bag, to continue their blending of lives and love.  Emotions of joy, love and happiness was definitely in the air especially for Chris. The vows repeating Rev. Mike’s words, they found themselves tearful, vows not the same words at their original marriage, but the same meaning of “I will love you forever”. A heartfelt moment with each son with a offering of a lei of love brought tears to the whole family. Finally, Maruchy gave Chris a maile lei, and Chris gave her a white orchid lei as a gift of Aloha. A beautiful, memorable vow renewal for Maruchy and Chris Cantu. Congratulations to a beautiful couple and a super loving family. Enjoy all your photos, and your souvenirs of your wedding certificate and sand love. Mahalo for having us and your generosity. Love Hawaii!




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Magical Hawaii vow renewals

We have a magical package for Hawaii vow renewals which is very economical and perfect for couples on a budget and want to enjoy a special time together reaffirming their marriage vows. These beautiful moments are only performed at our Magic island site, which is conveniently located just outside of Waikiki. Many of these couples stay at the near by Ilikai Hotel or Hilton Hawaiian village Hotel. Hawaii vow renewals are held largely during the summer time. Their children, many times are included in the ceremonies, a experience they will enjoy in their memories. June is generally known as wedding months everywhere but in Hawaii it definitely a great month for Hawaii vow renewals and lots of festivities for families to enjoy. We are Highlighting two couples who enjoyed a magical ceremony day.  Celebrating their 17th anniversary celebrating their love on June 8, 2017 with their children present were Jenni and Geoff Waguespack from Oswego, Illinois. Reverend Mike Nelson brought emotions of joy to this couple and their two children. A magical moment with the children participation. Leis of flower and kukui nut leis were incorporated in the Hawaiian ceremony. A fun day meeting and helping a wonderful family full fill their memory book. Congratulations and Mahalo. On June 9, 2017, we welcomed Brianna and Christopher Barrett of North Carolina. Along with their son and Mom to celebrate their love with a Hawaii vow renewal ceremony. Their 10th year anniversary was enjoyed vacationing and of course Hawaii’s vow renewal experience as a family. Reverend Mike Nelson blessed them with vows with everlasting memories.Mahalo so much and many more happy years of joy to come. Aloha Oe.


A wedding in Hawaii

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Our Hawaii vow renewals

The planning of Hawaii vow renewals and Hawaii weddings are identical, our ceremonies also are almost identical  except for a few tweaks here and there. A very romantic special day reminding couple of their original wedding, without the stress of the church wedding. Celebrating their tenth wedding anniversary were Maria and Rob Rainwater of Austin, Texas. They are vacationing with their seven year old son, Aiden. When they planned this vacation trip to celebrate the anniversary, they felt it would nice to renew their marriage vows. They found us searching on the internet for Hawaii vow renewals, where there are many of us, but we were lucky enough to be chosen.  Hawaii vow renewals are most popular during the summer months, the children are out of school and the whole family goes on vacation to celebrate their vow renewal celebration with the kids. Many times, they involve the children in the ceremony.  Maria and Rob arrived at Waialae Beach Park with Aiden, casually but stylishly dressed. She wore a cream colored dress and Rob and Aiden wore white Polo shirts with tan colored shorts. The arrival of minister, Reverend Michael Nelson to meet and greet them with Aloha. Strolling in the sand near the water’s edge, the family marveled over the beautiful blue green ocean and the green grassy we call the altar at Kahala Beach.  Many of our weddings and Hawaii vow renewals are performed here. At the sound of the conch shell, Aiden was quite awed. First time experiencing the occasion. The vows were said, different from their original but with the same meaning, the sand ceremony with the whole family participating was very nice. Lei exchange before being pronounced renewed, Aiden also got lei-ed. Congratulations to Maria and Rob Rainwater. Mahalo and enjoy your vacation.     A wedding in Hawaii

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Hawaii vow renewals by A wedding in Hawaii

A wedding in Hawaii helps the planning of Hawaii vow renewals and it is so satisfying to see and feel the happiness and enjoyment of each couple and their family. Vacationing in Hawaii with their three beautiful teenage children, after twenty five years of happy, blissful marriage were Inga and John Joiner.of Winnebago, Illinois.  On June 1, 2017 at Magic Island,  Ala Moana Beach Park they stood together on the sand. They wisahed to have the ceremony on the sand. but still get the back drop scene of our historic Diamond in the distance. Inga and John looked so happy and joyful looking forward toward experiencing the dream of  Hawaii vow renewals. This fun family looked great in casual Hawaiian attire.  Reverend  Michael Nelson greeted them all with the Aloha and prepared a beautiful Hawaiian vow renewal ceremony for Inga and John, very different from the church wedding twenty five years ago. It was a very hot day but not humid, the sand was a bit hot at three in the afternoon but still a comfortable tradewind day for Hawaii weddings and Hawaii vow renewals. Beginning of summer are better then further into summer, although it  is beginning of the hurricane season, it does not stir up until later. Their teenage children, eldest are twin son and daughter, their teen baby sister, were having so much fun walking to the beautiful man-made lagoon, full of encouragement  for their parents. A very warm family enjoying each other. Reverend Michael Nelson sounded his conch to announce the the start of celebrating their renewal.  The recommitment to continue their original vows to each other, they enjoyed the sand ceremony. The vows different from their original, but symbolized the same commitment. No rings were exchanged, the children were honored with flower leis. Last of all, Inga ad John said some heartfelt words to each other before offering flower leis as a gift of Aloha to each other. A memorable event witnessed by their beloved children. What a perfect way to enjoy their vacation. A wedding in Hawaii thank you so much for having us. Hawaii vow renewals are the heart of Aloha we offer.

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