Hawaii wedding locations

Waimanalo Bay Beach is very popular as one of many Hawaii wedding locations. On Nov. 12, 2015,  Hannah Pai and Johnson Fuemana enjoyed a beautiful Hawaiian wedding ceremony by the Rev. Michael Nelson.  They had been together for 12 year, with 2 little boys in their family.  They arrived beautifully dressed via limousine, met by our film crew documenting every moment of their dream day.  A beautiful french bouquet for Hannah, a Maori beauty, in a very chic wedding gown.  Johnson dapper in his gray suit. Their two sons, so cute, dressed looking cool. The rain threatened to fall as the ceremony started but did a pause to restart as the skies cleared.  Hawaii wedding locations on the windward side do take rain hits especially during the winter months. Usually the duration of rain is short. Our harp player Sharene, started the ceremony with beautiful music as Hannah and Johnson walked arm in arm down the aisle meeting Rev. Mike  and their sons.  A welcome and vow of commitment to this special day gathered as a family of love. Joy was in the air.  A unity sand ceremony has become a tradition for us, and is performed in all of our Hawaii wedding and vow renewal ceremonies. They take a part of Hawaii with the memories with them,  Hannah and Johnson gave their vows smiling at each other. The rings were gorgeous, beautiful choices of circle with no ending.  White leis were exchanged, a gift of love.  Beautiful harp music presented by Sharene congratulating Hannah and Johnson Fuemana.  Video taping their ceremony, a great idea to take back to Australia, the memories of their special day. They will take back part of Hawaii with them and we were overjoyed with helping you create a beautiful memory of Hawaii.  Mahalo and Aloha from A wedding in Hawaii.  Hawaii wedding location, beautiful Waimanalo Beach.

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