Hawaiian vow renewal

It was like getting married again!  A beautiful Hawaiian vow renewal ceremony on September 6, 2015  was celebrated by Hiromi and Dywane Kelly from Torrance, California; A beautiful sun filled day at Waimanalo Beach Park, seemed serene compared to what is was the day before, which was Labor Day. For this Hawaiian vow renewal ceremony, they had hired a local vendor to have a simple altar for the ceremony. Arriving on a huge 14 passenger limousine to accommodate their loved ones, the beautiful couple Hiromi and Dewayne dressed in formal whites. It was like getting married once again in paradise.  Everyone else were beautifully dressed in shades of light pink and oranges. The Hawaiian floral haku head lei was presented to Hiromi by Dewayne. A perfect accent of color for their all in white Hawaiian vow renewal ceremony. Before the ceremony began, colorful petals were scattered on the sand to show a color of aisle way.  All of the loved ones were presented flower leis by the couple, a beautiful gesture by Hiromi and Dwayne. Rev. Michael Nelson helped to get the site ready for the Hawaiian vow renewal to begin. Hiromi stood afar with her father, as Dewayne stood with Rev. Mike surrounded by love ones on each side of the aisle way. The conch shell blowing is the indication of something precious is to happen. Rev. Mike presented a long and beautiful call of the shell. Hiromi escorted by her Dad, walked down the aisle and met Dewayne to accept Hiromi from her Dad.  A Hawaiian vow renewal ceremony of love was a beautiful  sight, so colorful on the sandy beach of Waimanalo.  Rev.Mike presented his vow renewal ceremony in both English and Japanese for the benefit of Hiromi’s family. A Hawaiian vow renewal and wedding ceremony always include some Hawaiian prayer and words. Renewal of vows began with the unity sand ceremony as a symbol of mixing of their lives and families together. Repeating their marriage vows once again, exchanging of rings, and the Hawaiian traditional exchange of leis  What a beautiful successful Hawaiian vow renewal ceremony.  The will always remember with the many beautiful photos to take home and share.  Much Aloha and Mahalo for sharing your special Hawaiian vow renewal day with us.  wedaloha.cot



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