Hawaiian wedding

Erin Clark and Mark Hogan, happy Hawaiian wedding day. Our Sunshine wedding couple of the month. On March 15, 2016, this sunny and happy couple celebrated their special day, with a Hawaiian wedding ceremony. It was a beautiful day at Magic Island, Honolulu’s people’s park at Ala Moana.  With historic Diamond Head in the far background and the beautiful waters and waves of Waikiki and Kakaako. Beautiful Erin and handsome Mark wore matching outfits in dark blue and gray. Very smart and chic, of course is Erin’s creation. Her bouquet was a creation of white satin flowers and beads, beautifully done. Mom and Dad were there to give support to the couple on this Hawaiian wedding day, to be performed by Rev. Michael Nelson. And everyone arrived early to secure parking Under the ancient Monkey pod tree, Rev. Mike started with the conch shell to announce an important event was to take place. The art of blowing a conch shell has some mastering of practice.  Words of marriage and commitment with a Aloha welcome from Rev. Mike.  A typical Hawaiian wedding is usually enjoyed on the beaches Hawaii, involving a blessing in English and Hawaiian. Traditionally a unity sand ceremony, and a flower lei exchange of Aloha, with two kisses on each cheek.  The participation of a unity sand ceremony involves the meaning of uniting yourselves together into one by combining two separate vials of sand into one container.  The Hawaiian wedding vows began with each turning to look into each other’s eyes, Erin and Mark spoke their words of promise of their lifetime together. Beautiful ceremony, a happy couple who always  compliments everything with happy laughter.  The rings are beautiful sparkling so bright in the Hawaiian sun, given and accepting those rings with love.  Blessing were given with the leis wrapped around their hands clasped together. Before they presented their leis called gifts of Aloha, they each were given time to say a bit of sweet nothings. (words of love and thank you). The Hawaiian wedding of Erin and Mark sealed with flower leis and a kiss on each cheek. Rev. Mike presents the new Erin and Mark Hogan, married March 15, 2016, Hawaiian wedding, Magic Island in Honolulu, Hawaii. Congratulations, enjoy your dinner celebrations at Tanaka of Tokyo. Have a great honeymoon and safe trip back to Iowa City. Mahalo so much for having us help you on your special Hawaiian wedding day. It was so nice to meet you.  Mr. and Mrs Sunshine!



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Hawaii beach wedding-affordable

For Hawaii beach wedding that is affordable andwithin your budget, check with the Hawaii BBB.  After choosing a weddings in Hawaii planner, always talk to them and get to know them. When you feel comfortable working with them, go ahead with your plans. Most companies require a full payment (after the immediate deposit to hold the date) for Hawaii wedding packages a month before the wedding day. We separate our selves from that by accepting full payment right after the wedding before you leave the beach location. On March 1, 2014 Pauline Kerlach & Tyler Johnson enjoyed a beautiful Hawaii beach wedding at Waialae Beach with a little rain in between, which is lucky for Hawaii weddings. Tyler’s mother had a beautiful cake & decorations displayed at the beach before taking it to the reception a Hau Tree Lanai. They arrived on the limousine with the family, the couple were chic-ly beautifully dressed, but casual for the beach scene. A maile lei for Tyler, orchid leis for the traditional lei exchange. Rev. Mike Nelson’s Hawaiian ceremony was well appreciated. Tyler’s mom found us to be affordable and well planned. Many photographs were taken, many memories to be treasured for their Hawaii beach wedding. Congratulations, on your Hawaiian wedding. Please return in the future for your Hawaii vow renewals.


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