Oahu weddings

Oahu Weddings on the beach off Kahala, a beautiful Hawaii destination wedding planned  for Anna Sollet and Chao Le on. May 3, 2013.  From France, this couple gave trust in us to plan their very special day a Oahu beach wedding. Being a face book friend really helped. They arrived with their very best friends from France and immediately started to have fun in Hawaii together. Anna & Chao, a wonderful couple are so close with their friends, who are just as nice and caring.  Arriving on our white stretch limousine from the Waikiki Sand Villa, were the wedding couple and six friends, smiling happily as Baron Bento strummed his ukulele. Video taping and candid photo images were continuous as the limo pulled in. Rev. Michael Nelson came to greet them with the graceful dancing of our hula dancer. Rev. Mike always has his wonderful ways to create a feeling of relaxation for the couple. A beautiful french bouquet of roses for Anna, so ever beautiful, she has a appearance of a pretty, petite ballerina. Her white dress so cute with scalloped hems. Chao,was handsome (mixed ancestry with Asian flair) in white shirt and khaki’s. What a beautiful Hawaiian wedding ceremony at the beach, with a background of true Hawaii (blue skies, blue glistening ocean, coconut trees, little islands, and in the distance..mountains). The wedding began with the ukulele playing along with graceful hula dancing and the blowing of the conch shell. Welcome, Anna & Chao and friends!  Rev. Mike began his intro of marriage, acceptance of vows. Then they turned to each other to repeat their wedding vows, ” I take…….to be my wedded….”  so emotionally touching with tears of joy!  The tears of joy were wiped away and the rings were held up to be blessed. the ring exchange, beautiful rings with no end, glistening like the serene Hawaii beach waves.  The exchange of flower leis (first gift to each other) with traditional kisses on each kiss. Mr. & Mrs. Chao Le at last! A very special love song and the sounds of ukulele and the lovely hands of  hula  as they watched holding hands.  They will have many portraits, & video tape to share always.  A “Shaka” sign, they have to take back to France from Hawaii. Mahalo, it was a so nice to meet & help you with your once in a lifetime event.  A limo ride with champagne and off to a dinner cruise for Anna & Chao on the Star of Honolulu, so romantic for all. A  wonderful couple on their dream destination Oahu wedding. Oahu weddings on the beach!



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