Oahu wedding planners

Wedding in Hawaii, Oahu wedding planners were delighted to plan a Hawaiian wedding for Felicia (Man Lan) and Jason ( Jie Sun) on August 8, 2013 at Kahala Beach in Honolulu.  Felicia planned this a year ago, contacting various Oahu wedding planners, and we thank her and were delighted when she chose us among so many Oahu wedding planners.  They were already married in Springfield, Missouri but wanted a Hawaiian wedding ceremony during their honeymoon.  They are students at Missouri State University and we are overjoyed that they are furthering their education in America.  A beautiful day in Oahu, for all Hawaii beach weddings occurring today, with the alluring gentle waves in the background. Felicia, beautiful in her billowing white gown, strolling along side handsome, Jason dressed in black tuxedo, blue tie and red rose boutonnier in his lapel. Felicia held a matching, beautifully hand wrapped bouquet of red roses.  They both are looking so radiant and happy.  Rev. Karen Mak’s beautiful wedding ceremony was well worth the couple’s happiness and smiles.  The exchange of purple orchid lei’s, a gift with a kiss on each cheek, ending the formal side of the ceremony. So much fun, signing of the decorative wedding certificate, posing for their many wedding portraits…looking forward to taking these memorable gifts to share with their college friends. The photographs taken during their wedding ceremony will be a special treasure. What a fun couple who totally enjoyed them self and the Hawaiian experience.  Mahalo so much for sharing these moments with us.  We have had much joy for 30+ years being Oahu wedding planners. Aloha.



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