Get married in Hawaii on 4th of July – Megan and Shannon

Happy to be in Hawaii to get married and celebrate the 4th of July.
It is so hot in Minnesota, according to Shannon Carl, over 100 degrees. On July 4, 2012, Megan Nohrenberg and Shannon Carl arrived at Waialae Beach park on our limo, all smiles, so happy to be here. They smartly dressed very casually so they could just kick back and enjoy the limo ride. They were met with photo flashes and gree

ted by the Rev Kimo Taylor. A Hawaiian blessing was beautifully done by Rev Kimo with white orchid lei exchanges, and the blowing of the conch shell. Many a photo images were taken and upon returning to the limo, they took an extra ride around so they could ride and enjoy the champagne. In the evening they were to celebrate on the dinner cruise ship, Navatek. It was a Navatek special since the 4th of July fireworks were being displayed at Magic Island. That must have been fun. We thank you for letting us help you with the planning, and hope you enjoy all the images captured. Aloha and hope you return to Hawaii again.


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