Wedding in Oahu

Oahu beach wedding for Sharon Horak and Mark Posjena, wedding in Oahu at Waimanalo Beach Park. On July 16, 2013, a gorgeous day with blue-green waters and a back drop scene of white sandy beach and the many little islands. Sharon &  Mark arrived on the limousine with their four beautiful daughters, after a half hour ride from Waikiki. What a very happy and extremely, nice and close family. Their Wedding in Oahu was extra memorable being that two families united to become one. Sharon, beautiful in a ivory colored gown, and Mark, all in white very chic.  The girls all wore dresses of dark aqua green, beautiful teenagers.  Rev. Michael Nelson insisted in knowing every daughter’s names since he has four daughters himself.  They all strolled down through (sherwood forest) to the vast sandy beach to get married on the sands of Waimanalo  Rev. Mike does his opening remarks of welcome and the uniting of the family in marriage.  Then turning to each other, looking into each other’s eyes, they repeated their marriage vows.  The beautiful rings were carried by two of their daughters on their bracelets.  Participating in the ring exchange ceremony, they took the rings and gave them to Rev.Mike to bless. Beautiful rings, beautiful couple and family, they are now united as a family. A Hawaiian traditional lei exchange to end a memorable Wedding in Oahu, Hawaii beach wedding. Many pictures for their memories. A beautiful scenic limo drive back to Waikiki.


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