Wedding on Oahu a windward beach

Wedding on Oahu a windward beach with it’s white sand and blue waters; and backdrop of lush green mountains are often chosen by younger couples. Sometimes couples enjoy having their special day on the sands of the windward Oahu called Waimanalo. Cost is more to travel by limousine, around 45 minutes from Waikiki. Basicly, it would be 3 hours, based on 1.5 limo time, .5 for the ceremony and 1 hour for photo shoot. One disadvantage at this beach is, the hot sand and hot sun. On October 2, 2013 Thyda Sin & Jerry Soukhaseum arrived with their relatives (using a mini-bus) to be married by Rev. Mike Nelson.  Guitar player, Baron played his ukulele and sang a they arrived.  Baron sang the Hawaiian wedding song to begin the ceremony and Rev. Mike did a beautiful Hawaiian ceremony as the blue ocean glistened around the little islands.  A traditional leis exchange with a kiss and they were pronounced Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Soukhaseum.  What a very nice couple. Teeda (nickname) is a happy and delightful and generous person.  We hope you the best, and enjoy Hawaii. Thank you for choosing our service. Aloha. Wedding on Oahu a windward beach for Teeda & Jerry as a perfect choice.

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