Wedding vow renewal on Oahu Hawaii

Wedding vow renewal on Oahu Hawaii are very popular & stress free  by wedding planners on the island of Oahu. Erika & Rob Owens were married five years ago and dreamed of a wedding vow renewal on Oahu along with their vacation plan.  Erica looked really pretty in a simple white, slim fit gown and Rob also dressed chic. Their main priority was a simple wedding vow renewal ceremony on the beach and lots of photographs to share their memories with everyone back home.  With an affordable package, they can go home with precious memories and also have fun too.  With couples, spending $500, gets them a very memorable professional package.  Rev. Michael Nelson, personalized his ceremony perfectly for Erika & Rob, which really made them happy.  A beautiful day at the beach, (after Flossie flew over the island), with waves higher then most days at Kahala Beach.  Erika & Rob will be going home to Stocton, California with great memories of their ceremony, photo session and a week of play in Hawaii  It was great meeting you! See you. A wedding vow renewal on Oahu Hawaii. What a success!


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