Hawaii Oahu weddings/wedding testimonial

Hawaii Oahu weddings well planned brings for beautiful wedding testimonial from Denise Cobian and Rodrigo Ortega from Los Angeles, California.  On June 25, 2013 this lovely couple said their wedding vows and became Mr. & Mrs. Rodrigo Ortega.  Their large family and friends gathered at Waialae Beach dresssed all in white, everyone of them had white attire.  What a beautiful scene. They all arrived on a limousine. Lovely Denise and Rodrigo were very calm and happy, the whole family was always laughing and smiling, having a lot of fun. They wanted to their two children to participate in the wedding ceremony.  Happiness is Cobian & Rodrigo, (read their beautiful testimonial they wrote us, on our web site. (www.wedaloha.com). Rev. Michael Nelson loved the enthusiasm, creating a wedding ceremony they will remember always. The children will cherish this moment as well.  Everyone received a flower orchid lei, just like the bride & groom.  A french bouquet was lovely for Denise for their special Hawaii Oahu wedding on the shores of Kahala Beach. Rev. Mike opening the ceremony with a welcome message to everyone. He spoke to the couple about love, commitment and marriage.  A beautiful background of Kokohead crater and the Hawaii ocean, they faced each other to say their wedding vows to each other holding hands. Family smiling as they spoke to each other laughing happily. The beautiful rings with circle of no end, was blessed.  The ring exchange as they did their “with this ring I thee wed” with smiles so bright as the rings.  A traditional flower lei ceremony called gift of Aloha was performed before they gave leis to each other with kisses on each cheek. Their son and daughter were each presented with a necklace of love.  Cobian said a few words as she clasped the beautiful necklace around her daughter.  Rodrigo also said a few words before presenting his son with a necklace of love.  Ladies & gentleman presenting Mr. & Mrs. Rodrigo Ortega. a Hawaii Oahu wedding.  Thanks so much for sharing your special day with us.  Your photos galore, you already received and enjoying. Your celebration at Waikiki Aston Bar & grill was well enjoyed. Aloha and many thank you, Mahalo for a successful Hawaii Oahu weddings with your beautiful wedding testimonial.



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Lisa Athy and Kyle Mckerrow gave each other their own written vows

May 8, 2012, Lisa Athy and Kyle Mckerrow gave each other their own written vows to become husband & wife. The Rev Kimo Taylor presented them with his own Hawaiian ceremony blessing them in marriage Waialae Beach was gorgeous, the couple were real nice and happy. We thank you so much for coming to Hawaii from Shelby, Ohio to have us help you with your special day. We enjoyed meeting you and cherish the moments captured on your photo package. Aloha!

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