Celebrating anniversaries with Hawaii vow renewals

Hawaii vow renewals are universal, no matter how long you have been married. It is a beautiful and joyous experience bringing back memories of your original ceremony. Many couples renew their vows every so many years. Sometimes it is a tradition in the family. We were sitting and awaiting the wedding limousine, with minister Reverend Michael Nelson at Magic Island and as the beautiful couple exited, he guessed that it would be their twentieth anniversary. I however guessed ten years, gaging their appearance.  I was correct!  Hawaii vow renewals after ten years for Sandra and Alonzo was a experience they had been looking forward to. Their two little children were back home in Texas, although they missed them, a beautiful vow renewal and a Hawaii vacation was very nice.  Sandra has a happy personality, easy to smile and laugh and a perfect subject for beautiful portraits. White was the basic color for both, such a cute couple in summer white attire.  This was suppose to be a SURPRISE for Sandra, and Alonzo really succeeded well in keeping it a secret. When she was having a hair and makeup session this morning, she thought it was going to be for a dinner date. Well, to her surprise, here comes the limousine to pick them up at the Hilton Hawaiian Village. A short drive to Ala Moana Park, proceeding to celebrate renewal of their vows ten years ago in their church.  Hawaii vow renewals location at this park is usually with the historic Diamond Head in the background. Today a ocean background toward the west was chosen. Most memorable vow renewal ceremony by Reverend Michael was deeply enjoyed by Alonzo and Sandra and will forever be in their memories. Beautiful experience, this happy and nice couple deserve the best as they round their lives in the next decade. They love to put their foreheads together in gesture of love. After the ceremony, a beautiful limousine ride around Honolulu with champagne  sipping. Congratulations and bless you always. The vow renewal of Alonzo and Sandra, December 3. 2018, Honolulu, Hawaii.


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