Celebration of Hawaii weddings with Aloha spirit

Enjoy the Aloha spirit of our Hawaii weddings. Have you had the opportunity to experience the Aloha Spirit while visiting Hawaii? Expression of Aloha through gestures small or large but meaningful are our crews way of life. We proudly live and share this Spirit of Aloha everyday. Today October 2, 2018 is about the marriage of Cody and Becky, Waimanalo Bay Beach at Sherwood forest welcomes Hawaii weddings of with Aloha. Talking about Aloha Spirit, Becky and Cody coming from Willard, Missouri truly were engulfed in their own Aloha Spirit. They will spread the feeling and sharing of Aloha, as they enjoy their honeymoon on Oahu. The limousine rolled in to pick the bride and groom, taking them through the Pali Highway and tunnel to enjoy the beautiful green foliage protected by Hawaii government, toward Waimanalo Bay beach. Leaving the tunnel, the beauty of the windward coast, Koolau mountain, Kailua, Kaneohe and the little town of Waimanalo. Hawaii wedding sites are very popular at the various Waimanalo beaches. As Cody and Becky arrives, they are greeted by our photo/video crew creating the wedding love story. A perfect day for Hawaii weddings, a empty beach for the lucky couple. The little island we call Rabbit Island looks beautifully green from the recent rains. Becky as beautiful as ever in a one sided off the shoulder gown which recently repopularized from decades ago. Holding a beautiful french bouquet with blooming pink roses, Becky stood holding Cody’s hand, starting to walk down the aisle after the blowing of the conch by Reverend Michael Nelson. With the video and photo crew catching all the beautiful moments and emotions, the feeling of Aloha was felt by us all.  The acceptance of combining their lives (the sand ceremony), repeating their marriage vows to be together always, rings blessings /exchange, and finally giving each other the gift of Aloha (leis ceremony). They are now pronounced the new Cody and Becky. A beautiful limousine ride along the ocean awaits via limousine, Makapuu, sea life park, blow hole,  all the beautiful view of the windward shores and East side of, Oahu. Congratulations, our friends, live with Aloha.


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