Dream come true Hawaii weddings

Life is full of Love, fun and creating dreams to come true are fun. Hawaii weddings on the beach is a dream come true for many bridal couples. Planning Hawaii weddings on your own from afar maybe more stressful then most people. The combination of Hawaii weddings and enjoying a honeymoon can become a dream come true. Taking all the stress away, just rely on a trustworthy Hawaii wedding planner. Dreams of enjoying Hawaii and a wedding in Hawaii for Janice and Terry began taking shape early this year. Janice found us on Facebook as well as our website on Google Hawaii weddings. Getting to know each other, plans for their dream to happen were happily taking shape. The bridal couple wanted a romantic “just the two of them” non religious wedding. Writing marriage vows of their own, to be incorporated during the beautiful lei exchange ceremony. June 26, 2018 was the date chosen for their dream come true day. There were three choices of beach locations to choose from, and beautiful Waimanalo Bay Beach at Sherwood Forest best suited them, even though it was over on the windward side of where they were staying. As they arrived in Hawaii a few stress moments but today, June 26 their dream will come true with the Reverend Michael Nelson about to give them a beautiful Hawaiian ceremony. Janice looked beautiful in a white lace dress and became a Hawaiian princess with the haku head lei, with colorful flowers. Terry was in casuals, a happy and cool groom. Introducing to the world of Hawaii weddings was the sounding of the conch by Reverend Michael. A sand ceremony symbol of mixing of their lives, vows, rings followed. With the flower lei exchange, their own vows to each other, they became husband and wife. Janice and Terry. their dream has come true. Congratulations to a happy couple. Hawaii weddings of love, you are part of our wedding Ohana. Mahalo so much.


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