End of Summer Hawaii weddings

Aloha, it has been a great summer ride for Hawaii weddings. Thanking everyone for choosing Hawaii for your vacation and/or Hawaii vow renewals, Hawaii weddings. We had so much enjoyment and Aloha as usual. A lot of our couples are matured (40 plus) and have been through a larger wedding ceremony experience before. They love the small simplicity of Hawaii weddings near the beaches of Oahu. The atmosphere and the aura simply cannot be beat. We have a wedding on the last day of August (31) 2017 for the lovely Karen Perman and charming Robert McCarthy from Indianapolis, Indiana. It s a beautiful summer day at Waialae Beach, the tide is up with the upcoming sign of King Tide projected. Three thirty in the afternoon Hawaii weddings in the summer at this time is quite lovely, today the tradewind cooling the air is manageable. At times Hawaii beaches are windy, and hard to predict, our suggestion is to have your hair styled up. We have had complaints about the windy factor but controlling the elements is difficult and we do the best we can. They arrived early with loving family members Dad, Mom, and siblings. Lovely Karen smartly dressed in your lacy creme colored gown, Robert with his charm looked great in blue Aloha shirt and walking shorts. Blue seemed the color prevailing with Mom looking great in blue Hawaiian outfit. She was there holding the ring and tissues for the emotional couple. This family is the nicest polite people. Evidently serving in the military is in the family trait, we are thankful. Reverend Michael Nelson is the presiding minister to present beautiful ceremony of Hawaii weddings, that Karen and Robert will forever remember.  As we gather on the grassy alter, waves bouncing against the rocks, sound of the conch shell to announce their marriage ceremony. Here begins a new life together with participation of a unity sand ceremony, the marriage vows, ring exchange, lei exchange, and blessing with family participation. A beautiful Hawaii beach wedding, presenting the new Karen and Robert McCarthy. Congratulations and Mahalo from A wedding in Hawaii.


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