They finally said “I do” at their beautiful Hawaii wedding

A dream Hawaii wedding was made possible by the “Make a wish foundation” to honor Mason’s Hawaii dream vacation Kara and Jacob of Raleigh, North Carolina enjoyed a happy life together for nineteen years. Living in Raleigh, North Carolina, this beautiful family Kara and Jacob with their sons Logan and Mason, enjoyed life to the fullest. Nineteen years together decided on a wonderful idea, finally saying “I do” in front of their children with a Hawaii wedding ceremony.Opportunity came Mason was awarded his wish by the foundation. They deserve this special time in Hawaii so much. Jacob’s best friend joined them on the five day trip. Each of the boys and bestman were given boutonnieres made with white roses and greens. Kara was beautiful in a lace, ivory colored dress. Jacob and all the guys wore brown walking shorts and white long sleeved shirts. They arrived at Waialae Beach early and we strolled the sandy beach to one of the beautiful green knoll like garden setting, with coconut trees. They chose a two O’clock afternoon Hawaii wedding ceremony, on the last day of April 2018. A Hawaiian day with just a little sunshine and many clouds, a comfortable, beautiful day with the view of the little island to the left of Kahala beach. Reverend Michael Nelson had the honor of giving this wonderful couple their long awaited special day as husband and wife. As Logan and Mason stood on the outer side of their parents, Reverend Mike sounded his conch shell as an announcement of their wedding. Then offered the conch to Jacob to blow, just kidding (laughter). A unity sand ceremony to blend the family in matrimony. The beautiful vows to love and care for each other as well as their sons forever. A lei ceremony and special moments together with Logan and Mason. Long time in the making, congratulations. A happy luau celebration tonight. Mason, hope you got to do your three best wishes in Hawaii. Aloha and best to all.

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