Our love blessed in Hawaii, our forever Hawaii wedding

Ahreum and David made their dream come true with their Hawaii wedding on July 26, 2018. Ahreum is from the Orient and they both chose beautiful rings, wedding dress and all accessories   from Korea. Our bride was dressed in a fashionable, sophisticated white, fitting white wedding dress. Beautiful with a soft look, she wore a pink and white tiara. Her french bouquet, pure white made with rose buds, orchids and hydrangea, was a perfect match for your dress and personality. David although in the military chose to wear a modern styled blue suit with a bow tie.  On July 26, Waialae Beach was not as hot at 11 O’Clock in the morning. The morning breeze was gently then the afternoon breeze. The sun showing the glittering blue water with Koko Head in the background, it was a lovely wedding scene. The marriage license and the rings were available near by for the ceremony. At the sandy altar, awaiting were the conch shell, the sand ceremony equipment next to Reverend Michael Nelson. Here they come over the bridge approaching the photographer. A beautiful beginning and entrance of the Hawaii wedding ceremony of David and Ahreum. A wedding ceremony “just the two of them” for now, to be shared with loved ones with many pictures to follow. A welcoming and congratulations from Reverend Michael as he prepared to blow the conch shell. Blowing of the conch more then once toward different direction happens at times. The  agreement to accept each other with vows of promise preceded the Hawaiian sand ceremony. Uniting each other by mixing individual sand is like lighting of the unity candle. The blessing of the rings (so beautiful, simple and elegant) identical to each other. Reverend Michael’s beautiful vows were said, and their own written vows were given during the lei offering. Facing each other, they read their vows from the book of marriage. A beautiful Hawaii wedding for David and Ahreum. dream come true. The signing of the marriage certificate and decorative certificate, made them officially husband and wife.   Mahalo and enjoy your Star of the Sea dinner cruise. So romantic and beautiful.



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