Hawaii Beach weddings/Hawaii beach locations-Australian to Hawaii

What a wonderful couple from Australia.!!!  Presenting them with a Hawaii beach wedding created to remember forever, with a perfect weather and gentle serene atmosphere of Kahala Beach.  The lovely Kylie Johansen and Mathew Rickard, a very handsome and superb couple, had much emotion and fun for their special day.  April 19, 2013, they arrived via limousine, with Kylie holding a very precious hand made bouquet.  Made of buttons (instead of flowers) with precious items (jewelry) gifts from special people in their lives.  What a wonderful idea, it will become an heirloom forever.  Rev. Mike Nelson arrived to greet them, leading them to a beautiful spot for the wedding ceremony.  Kylie & Mathew did not think they would be emotional, but the feeling over came them.  So sweet, they are. So many photos taken for them to download and share with their friends in Australia and beyond.  Thanks, guys, we love you and enjoyed working with you.  Hope you enjoyed your dinner. A Hawaii beach wedding, at Hawaii beach locations.



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