Hawaii vow Renewal brings back old memories of Love

Hawaii vow renewal. A brilliant idea formulated in far away England where they live. Planning on a trip to Hawaii, Chris suggested to his beloved wife of thirty-five year, “let us have a Hawaii vow renewal ceremony” In November over thirty five years ago their wedding day, surging back with memories of happy young love. Today, March 1, 2018 they will celebrate their young love wedding with a mature love wedding, renewing their vows on the beautiful beach of Ala Moana Magic Island. The historic sight of lush green Diamond Head in the background and the beautiful aqua blue Pacific Ocean was a beautiful sight. Thanks to the constant rain of recent, Diamond Head was not brown. Elaine and Chris has been enjoying Oahu’s sights and activities for the last few days. Chris has be to 49 states and countries, being a engineer in the government. Beautiful and youthful, this loving couple were dressed so smartly. She wore a cream colored lace dress and he looked cool in a smart casual outfit. The french bouquet of pink, white, purple orchids was a perfect bridal match for Elaine. Meeting their minister, Reverend Michael Nelson was delightful. They originally married in the Church of England so this Hawaii vow renewal ceremony experience was so new and different in atmosphere. Deep and mature love was ever so present for their personalized ceremony made for them. The conch blowing and the offering of a gift of Aloha (leis) were very pleasant for them. The renewed Chris and Elaine, congratulations and Mahalo.


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