Our Hawaii vow renewal, eighteen years anniversary

A Hawaii vow renewal combined with a family vacation in Hawaii. How exciting for Karen and Geraint as well as their two sons and daughters ages eighteen to ten. Being from far away Wales, they were careful to find a destination Hawaii wedding planner. They would be best comfortable with a local well established planner with years of experience. With so many planners on the internet, some are not operating from Hawaii. After contacting us and getting acquainted with us, Karen felt comfortable working with us. The trust and relationship felt very good. That is why she chose us to plan their very special day. After being together for their happiest twenty-six years, their eighteen years of blissful marriage reminded them of the very day they said I do. A beautiful love story which resulted in being blessed with a daughter and two sons. Wonderful children confirmed and blessed the renewal of vows with a “We will”. Karen chose July 12, 2018 at Honolulu’s park of Ala Moana and the site of Magic Island. We usually do the wedding facing the south shore with Diamond in the background, but we had to alter that since an activity was going on there. On the other side of Magic Island near where the sun sets was chosen. Everyone of them wore Hawaiian attire ready for a Hawaiian style vow renewal ceremony. A memorable and fun Hawaii vow renewal ceremony is a guarantee with our Reverend Michael Nelson. He blew the conch shell in two directions to begin the ceremony with beautiful vows as their children watched with happiness. They will cherish forever the experience, so different from their original wedding, but the feeling were the exact same. Karen and Geraint found the day most fantastic. Celebration at Hilton’s luau. Mahalo for having us.


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