Hawaii vow renewal celebration of anniversary

A Hawaii vow renewal is a wonderful way to say your vows of marriage once again, reminiscing your times of your original wedding ceremony. Susie and Robert were married ten years ago, happy and cherished married bliss produced their beautiful, now eight year old daughter.  A Hawaii vow renewal celebration were planned so their loved ones could enjoy the celebration with them. Helping this joyful couple plan this memorable day was indeed a wonderful time. We had a fourteen passenger limousine and the mini bus to transport them and loved ones to their beautiful site in Waimanalo Bay beach. Happy Valentines Day,  February 14, 2019 Waimanalo Bay Beach was unusually deserted at two O’Clock in balmy  Hawaii, still beautiful. Others came to marry after Susie and Robert enjoyed their special time. A good Omen. Colorful Hawaiian attire, bright reds and oranges by all brightened  the colorful day.  Haku head leis for Susie and daughter, how beautiful princesses for the day. Red roses for the bouquet, white and red orchids for the lei exchange.  The red Aloha wear worn by everyone was a real delight in celebration for a real Hawaiian Valentines Day.  The ukulele singer and hula dancer attired in blue Aloha wear, greeted them as the gang arrived. Singing the songs of love and Hawaii. The photographic crew captured all the memories in making beginning with meeting their officiant, Reverend Troy.  Ceremony of Hawaii vow renewal for Susie and Robert begins with the love song and dance of Hawaii. The Hawaii wedding song brings daughter, followed by Susie and Robert down the aisle. A beautiful Hawaii vow renewal ceremony with daughter involved in the sand ceremony, ring and lei presentations.  The vows by Reverend Troy was memorable and their own words of vow was the highlight of the event.  As they were presented to the loved ones, again as Robert and Susie Arocha, a joyful roar of applause and the sound of beautiful white waves dashing on the sand. A Valentine love song and hula dance concluded the ceremony. Congratulations and time to celebrate and enjoy the vacation.  Aloha and Mahalo to a wonderful couple/family and loved ones.


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