Hawaii vow renewals and Hawaii weddings

They still are! Hawaii vow renewals are in the plans for a fun trip to Hawaii. Twenty five years ago, a young Vicky and Dan Nelson, so in love, got married and spent wonderful years together. They worked hard for many years with family and love guiding them. Deciding on having a beautiful Hawaiian vow renewal ceremony with dream memories. to take home on film and lots of photographs to share with love ones. This wonderful couple from Tampa, Florida looked radiant on July 11, 2017 as they arrived at Waialae Beach Park on a luxury white limousine. She wore a beautiful stylish gown, held a bouquet with pink/red blossoming roses, color of American beauty rose, beautiful jewelries and a new wedding ring. The dreamy romantic video of our precious Hawaii vow renewals of love has begun. Sounds of Hawaiian music from the ukulele playing singer greeted them.  Love is beautiful, they are still very much in love and a very sophisticated couple.  Both having a career to be proud of, she is a school teacher and it shows she works with children using her artistic and creative talents for things she made for the wedding.  Our minister, Reverend Mike Nelson welcomed them to Kahala Beach, a gorgeous day of blue-green waters, sunshine of sweetness and tradewind to cool the air. Vicky and Dan walked to the altar with the singing  of the Hawaiian wedding song with ukulele music. Hawaii vow renewals, so different from most of their original weddings, couples seem to enjoy the Hawaiian Aloha feeling of Love. Conch shell, sand ceremony, a Aloha Hawaiian vow, the exchange of floral leis. Closing the ceremony with a love song by Baron on ukulele. What a beautiful and memorable vow renewal ceremony on their 25th wedding anniversary. Enjoy your video and photos, beautiful, fun memories to share. Mahalo so much. We enjoyed meeting and getting acquainted with you. Aloha from A wedding in Hawaii.



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