We love planning Hawaii vow renewals on the beaches of Oahu

In Hawaii, vow renewals are so common that we associate Hawaii vow renewals with the same packages as Hawaii weddings. Many of our ceremonies are for smaller groups and intimately romantic with “just the two of them” During the summer months we tend to have many Hawaii vow renewals planned to have children and family to join them. With Fall and Winter approaching, we tend to enjoy the small intimate Hawaii vow renewal ceremonies. These ceremonies are lovely and romantic, a family style as we gather together cozily with just the minister or couple of friend (called Ohana). Even with this simplicity, you get to take home a lot of beautiful professional pictures of memories of your Hawaii vow renewal. Life is too short, enjoy a simple second honeymoon with a simply renewal of vows like our lovey, sunny couple from Austin, Texas. Married just five years ago in February of 2012, we present Alyssa and Jonathan Lee. They are a happy couple who enjoy the sun and beach, they got married in Jamaica five years ago. A adventure seeking couple we instantly loved. They were dressed casually dressed for the summer time fun. Meeting our minister for the day, Reverend Michael Nelson, they walked hand in hand strolling happily near the waterline. Pictures were taken as they happily walked in the sand to arrive at Kahala Beach under the green palm trees. A Oasis where were call our beach altar. It if October 20, 2017 at noon Hawaii time. The Hawaii vow renewals with warm weather and beautifully romantic settings. These are some of Hawaii vow renewal features that Alyssa and Jon has not experienced 5 years ago: the blowing of the conch, the unity sand ceremony and the giving of the gift of Aloha (lei exchange). The most precious of all is the partaking of the most memorable vow renewals of Rev. Mike Nelson. We were so honored to celebrate this day with you. This gorgeous couple have been enjoying Oahu and staying at the historic Sheraton Moana, with the famous banyan tree in the courtyard. Congratulations and Mahalo to the new re-newed Jon and Alyssa.


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