The beauty of having Hawaii vow renewals

Want to say “I do” again in Hawaii? Summer time soon to come, vacation plans in Hawaii could include Hawaii vow renewals. Plans to enjoy renewing your vows in Hawaii can be fun, getting your children involved and including a family vacation is super fun. Many couple plan their Hawaii vow renewals around their vacation plan with the help of Hawaii wedding planners. Many have their own thoughts of doing a ceremony every five years, ten years and so on. Some have surprise vow renewal ceremony for their spouse. Sometimes they do multiple Hawaii vow renewals with several couples of different generation; several good friends couple combine to say I do together. There are many ways of tweaking this special ceremony, the children can be involved with the unity sand ceremony or gift giving of Aloha. A stress free fun day for the whole family. Our Hawaii vow renewals are usually with small groups usually with their children, a family like happy atmosphere we call Ohana style. Drew and Jannelle from North Dakota were enjoying their Oahu vacation with their children from the week of February 3rd. There was a well kept secret coming up for Drew on February 8, 2018. Jannelle had arranged a surprise Hawaii vow renewal ceremony at Magic Island. He was told about the surprise when they all arrived at the site and was elated. Married in a church ten years ago, this Hawaiian ceremony would be such a wonderful memory on this special day. Diamond Head in the background, Reverend Michael Nelson announced the renewed marriage of Drew and Jannelle. Congratulations and Mahalo. We will see you in another five-ten years?
Blissful marriage for fifteen years, now residing in Oahu, Dennis and Tami renew their wedding vows every five years. This very nice and wonderful couple enjoyed their third vow renewal on February 10, 2018 at Kahala Beach. Their anniversary and Dennis’s birthday is February 12. Their family and love ones were there to support them as always wearing very colorful outfits in orange, purple, blue, green. Wek were so happy for them as Reverend Mike Nelson gave his blessing as the said I do for the third time. Hawaii vow renewals are happy times especially with this very colorful family. Congratulations and many more years to come.

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