Hawaii vow renewals by wedaloha.com

Beautiful Hawaii Vow Renewals on the beach can create such a wonderful feeling of togetherness and family.  Dani & James Suess were married 20 years ago in a small Las Vegas wedding.  They now have three children and still very happily married.  Although they have been to Hawaii many times, they decided this time to renew their wedding vows together with their children, at the beautiful beach side of Kahala Beach.  The whole family were dressed in Hawaiian attire.  Beautiful and smiling Dani was gorgeous in white Holoku, a long white Hawaiian wedding dress. James, dressed in a solid color aloha shirt, and the girls all pretty in aloha dress.  Rev. Mike Nelson had Dani & James exchange their maile/pikake leis as they entered to meet and greet each other.  A gorgeous day (compared to the day before, raining cats & dogs) blue skies, blue & white ocean, and a scenic view toward Kokohead. Their vow renewal was very nice with their children watching and participating.  It is the nicest family gathering, bringing everyone closer together.  Hawaii vow renewals are a must. Thank you from wedaloha.com for having us.










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