Hawaii vow renewals celebrating tenth anniversary

Hawaii vow renewals are usually held during a period of years of marriage like ten years, twenty-five years or whenever you feel like it. Excited about the celebration of their tenth wedding anniversary the family  and extended family of Carlo and Belle were having fun at the Disney Aulani Resort. They love the water so much but had to come out of the water sometime to honor the Hawaii vow renewals celebration. Ten years since they wed and blessed with two lovely children, they all came together at Magic Island on August 8, 2018. 8/18/18 is a so called a lucky numeral date for Hawaii weddings and celebrations.  We love couples and their guest when they arrive dressed so casually like “local” people. No need to dress up, all we need is you as a happy couple. Carlo was a sweetheart to plan this beautiful occasion and the thing was a surprise to have a professional harp player playing beautiful music for his wife. They lucked out because we secured the talented Sharene who is well known in the music industry. As the Reverend Michael Nelson gathered  and greeted everyone to surround the altar for  a beautiful shot, little baby was taken and tended to by a loving persons. The ceremony begin with the conch shell blowing and the Hawaiian wedding song of Sharene on harp.  Beautiful!.It was a beautiful ceremony and we give this couple so much credit because with the concern of their crying baby in the back ground they came out being happy and elated with the outcome. Facing each other,holding hands, looking yinto each others eyes, they repeat the vows Reverend Michael has prepared. Emotional tears rolling down his cheek, Carlo smiling at is wife and she at him with wet eyes. Remember when you first got married? Memories of the years together flashes by. And today a vow renewal in beautiful Hawaii, Carlo said he was blessed. Blessed with Belle and their two children they go forward.  Family, Ohana.


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