A very special Hawaii wedding ceremony at Magic Island

Life is full of surprises, friendship blooms into love. Planning of a Hawaii wedding ceremony brings excitement and joy. Cindy and Mack chose November 16, 2018 to be their very special day, a celebration of love with a Hawaii wedding ceremony. They took our  ultimate best wedding package with many elements of a beautiful Hawaiian ceremony.  Their wonderful supportive family joined them coming from New Mexico and California in support. Planning began with their Hawaii wedding in September with ample time to get to the exciting day. In the mean time, Cindy had some medical problems as the special day neared. The wedding was a great success, although she has been in recovery for a while. Even with the circumstances, a beautiful next to the beach of Ala Moana beach was a perfect spot for the wedding with beautiful peaceful waters, background of the ocean to the west, green trees to the far left. This area helped Cindy from walking to the side where magic Island is. The altar was set up by pink/white rose petals shaped like a heart and the aisle way scattered with rose petals. The wedding day started this morning for Cindy with hair/makeup at her hotel. Arriving by limousine, the bride and groom accompanied by their supporters. All the guest were given flower leis to honor their support. Beautiful Cindy held her pink blossom roses made into a cascade bouquet of brilliance. Tall Mack was in a gray tuxedo for the event. Welcomed by singer/guitar player and the camera crew (video and photography). Most of all, the Reverend Michael Nelson as their officiant. As they marched down the flowered aisle, they hear the Hawaiian wedding song to begin their journey to a wedding in Hawaii. The conch, the sand ceremony, the vows, the rings and blessings, closing with the Hawaiian gift of Aloha (flower leis). Their dream has come true and Cindy successfully survived the day, and will forever hold the Hawaii wedding very memorable. A beautiful love song was dedicated to the new Mack and Cindy. Congratulations and Mahalo, especially to Cindy’s daughter, Kimberly. Your family members are made up of pure heart and love.  Good luck toward your life together.


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