The Hawaii wedding ceremony of Caitlin and Adam

Awesome couple enjoys their Hawaii wedding ceremony with so much enthusiasm and Aloha. They really made it so much easier for us and we placed all our love into the event. We always do, it is just that we found Caitlin and Adam a very special couple with connecting with each other.  Their special day was April 12, 2019 and they chose Waimanalo Bay Beach Park, being from Wisconsin, they liked the pine trees in the back. They found the whole package of the mountains and beautiful blue/green ocean and white sandy beach very appealing in front of the pine trees. Sherwood forest is what it is known as. This beautiful couple arrived on our limousine comfortably dressed and changed into their very classy wedding outfits. They were greeted by our singer on ukulele and our fabulous photographer and video crew. And last of all, of course our favorite minister, Reverend Michael Nelson. Just the two of them, but they decided to get the full Hawaii wedding service so they could share their experience with their loved ones back home. Walking down the sandy aisle in Hawaii with ukulele in the background. The sound of the conch announcing their Hawaii wedding ceremony. Ukulele singing Baron with the Hawaiian wedding song. Adam and Caitlin, their dream come true wedding is about to begin. The most beautiful and emotional moments captured during their vows with Adam full of tears running down his cheeks. Caitlin lovingly supporting him. A beautiful wedding with a special love song dedicated to the new wedded couple before being pronounced husband and wife. Adam lifted his wife carrying her with joy, enjoying the blue skies, white sandy beach, A perfectly magical day. Strumming the ukulele, Adam has a lot of talent. A long ride on the limousine, as they celebrated by popping the cork of their champagne bottle. Congratulations and and happy honeymoon!

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