Hawaii wedding ceremony for couple from South Korea

Their traditional wedding will be held in South Korea but having Hawaii wedding ceremony on the beach of Hawaii was a beautiful dream experience for Minyoung Yu and Juhwan Choi. This extremely sweet, gentile and refined couple are professionals in Korea employed as dedicated Veterinarians. Caring for animals seem to be a perfect fit for their personna. Traveling to America, they stopped in Hawaii to enjoy a Hawaii wedding ceremony. The date they chose for their Hawaii wedding day on the beach was May 15, 2018. Hawaii provided them with a gorgeous sunny and serene morning. Kahala Beach on a spot with green lawn, coconut trees swaying and the sandy beach just below the altar. Everything Minyoung and Juhwan dreamed about. To share with their loved ones for their traditional Korean wedding, they recorded their long awaited Hawaii wedding ceremony. Minyoung, sweet and beautiful wore a stylish but simple creme colored flowing long dress, accented by a tiara and peal jewelries. A Bunch of white Daisies tied with ribbon was the simple bouquet made by herself. Juhwan was cute and comfortable in casuals. Reverend Michael Nelson spent a short time conversing with them just to get acquainted. Minyoung wanted harp music for her beach wedding, our harpist played soft beautiful music through out the ceremony. We always offer the couples a choice to walk down the aisle or not. They decided to walk down together. Reverend Mike blew his conch shell, and the harpist played the Hawaiian wedding song as the couple walked up the aisle. Three beauties of the Hawaii wedding they loved are the traditional Hawaiian sand ceremony, and the lei exchange which is the gift of Aloha. Enjoying the ring exchange and pronouncing them as two hearts becoming one was a time of tender moments. Congratulations and Mahalo for having us, Juhwan and Minyoung Choi.


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