Hawaii vow renewals, a family affair

Hawaii vow renewals in the making. Remember when we got married twenty-five years ago, said Frank . Yes! said Sarata. Sitting at home in Silver Springs, Maryland, laughing happily planning their Silver anniversary celebration coming up July 24, 2018. A trip to Hawaii for couple of weeks sounded great, they will even invite their daughter to make it a family affair. But wait, talking about weddings, why not do it again, different place, same day twenty five years later. But Frank wanted this vow renewal to be a surprise for Sarata.  It was a secret but she figured it out by time they got to Hawaii. You bet your life! Hawaii vow renewals. Just a simple vow renewal ceremony with a few pictures, makes simply beautiful vow renewals that can be joyful and fun. These love birds are so happy, always laughing and joshing with  each other. The magical day at Magic Island was July 24, 2018, their vows were not the same but the meaning and feeling was the very same as twenty five years ago. The gift of Aloha, the Hawaiian lei were exchanged and they became the renewed Frank and Sarata Chase. Congratulations! Another twenty five years coming? Mahalo & Aloha.

Twenty five years, Silver wedding anniversary for Nelia and Marco of Calgary, Canada. Another couple celebrating the lasting memories of Hawaii vow renewals, on the same day. July 24, 2018 at magical Magic Island. Their grown children and other loved ones were joining them for the vacation in Hawaii and there to support them to celebrate their twenty five years of bliss. They were beautifully dressed in navy blue outfits, the whole family. Minister Michael Nelson began with the blowing of the conch. Our ukulele  playing singer sang the Hawaiian wedding song as they stood holding hands. The vows of marriage was beautiful with a mixture of Aloha. Marco had a surprise, he whipped up a beautiful ring from his pocket for Nelia. He was emotional as he expressed his love for her. She was so very surprised and elated. Congratulations to Nelia and Marco. Celebration at Duke’s in Waikiki!

See why we love this business we are in? So much happiness.




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