Hawaii weddings with Asian & American flair

We see romantic beautiful Hawaii weddings with Oriental and American flairs. We hear the sophisticated, classy sound of a harp playing the Hawaii wedding song. Around summer time of this year, Christian and Yewon began thinking about  plans of looking at planners of Hawaii weddings.  Christian had a full hand in the planning of this  once in a lifetime event with us and deserves a great deal of credit. We have so many grooms who get involved with Hawaii weddings, planning and making sure the day is of perfection for the bride. In these cases, it seems the groom is more nervous then the bride at the wedding. When the ceremony is over, there is a feeling of happiness and relief.  Inviting Moms and Dads coming to Hawaii from afar dressed in the their traditional attires creates a feeling of home and love. Arriving on a white limousine, everyone was greeted with Aloha by Reverend Michael Nelson and the photo/video crew of our Hawaii weddings. The handsome Christian helped his beautiful bride out of the limousine and thus begins their video love story of their Hawaii wedding ceremony. September 4, 2018, a beautiful noon day at Waialae Beach Park. Strolling near the beach front of Kahala Beach to a beautiful, serene spot with grass and coconut tree swaying. The beach water was clear and the ocean so blue/aqua in color. Beautiful harp music in the air by Sharene.  Christian had the idea of a translator of Korean language for the wedding ceremony. She did a superb job for Yewon’s parents to understand the contents of the ceremony.  A beautiful all white french bouquet high lighted Yewon’s gorgeous bridal gown.  The sound of the conch, the beautiful sound of the Hawaiian wedding song played on the harp. Here comes the bride escorted by her Dad, a kiss for daughter and hug for Christian. All Hawaii weddings, this one of mixed heritage begins with the blending of their heritage and life, yesterday, today and tomorrow. Blessings, beautiful ring exchanges, the happiness of giving and acceptance of their vows. White orchid leis were exchanged as gifts of Aloha. Introducing the new Christian and Yewon DeTrude. The two Moms were witnesses. Yewon’s Mom in a  beautiful pink Korean dress wept through out the ceremony. Christian’s Mom wore a beautiful blue dress and held her hand together like in prayer during the ceremony. Congratulations and Mahalo to the newlyweds.



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