Hawaii wedding locations and wedding packages for Hawaii beach weddings

Hawaii wedding locations chosen with  perfect Hawaii wedding packages, beach weddings and vow renewals are so memorable! April 19, 3013, a beautiful day at Kahala Beach, “Love”  brought Holly Chang and Harry Chen with the Hawaii packages, with many wonderful extras.  The lovely bride dressed in white satin, he in a suit arrived via limousine, they s were greeted by music and singing by Baron Bento and his daughter dancing the hula.  A beautiful french bouquet with dark pink and cream colored roses to match her gown.  The view is spectacular, being a sunny and clear day, with sparkling waters off shore. The sound of the conch shell (by Rev Mike). As the couple  walked down the aisle with ukulele strumming in tune with Baron’s voice, “here comes the bride”, a calm sereneness in the atmosphere. A special dance and song for the couple before the ceremony!  Rev. Mike Nelson presented a beautiful wedding ceremony for Holly and Harry, facing each other, they said their wedding vows.  The beautiful rings were blessed and exchanged.  There was a blessing for the couple and the marriage, with exchange of flower leis.  Finally, the pronouncing of husband & wife, with ukulele playing, singing and hula dancing.  Every moment was captured on video tape as well as still photo images.  Congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. Harry Chen.  They own a tour company in California escorting tourist in the west coast area from Asia.   Thank you very much for sharing Aloha!

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