Hawaii wedding, their love for each other is the glue

Our Hawaii wedding ceremony of the one and only handsome couple, Derek and Gwen from the beautiful State of Colorado, was so heartwarming  Beautiful people with hearts of gold are hard to find. Love is the glue that keeps relationships together. If removed the relationship starts to fall apart. Gwen and David have been together for ten wonderful years, he wanted to marry her after three months of dating. Today, December 21, 2018, finally here they are enjoying their Hawaii wedding ceremony at Magic Island. Gwen and Derek are perfect together, their love and respect for each other shines brightly like a star.  She is tall and gorgeous in a fitted white gown, sequins, beaded and a skirt that looks like tassels. She looks like a perfect model. Derek is a tall and handsome man dressed in a black tuxedo without a jacket, just a vest. Their chariot has arrived, a white luxurious limousine, picking them up at the Aston Waikiki hotel, and they will have a limousine ride with champagne after the wedding, before being taken back to the hotel. Greeting the lovely couple was the Reverend Michael Nelson shaking hands with the lovely bride and  very cool groom. Photos for their memories. A beautiful day with a few sprinkles of rain drops, and as usual, it means Good luck in Hawaii. Not to mention, a few sprinkles after the wedding made it even better luck. A Hawaii wedding ceremony with the conch, the VOWs, beautiful rings and the gift of Aloha lei exchange.  They are now officially the new Derek and Gwen!  Congratulations, you are the finest and thank you so much for your “heartfelt thank you”  from the goodness of your heart. The feeling is likewise. We wish the best , your love is the glue to your relationship.  Mahalo.



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