Hawaii wedding packages

Our A wedding in Hawaii offering five Hawaii wedding packages are just samples of your special Hawaii weddings might be. A very popular and affordable Hawaii wedding packages of ours is called the Plumeria package. Hawaii wedding packages are usually chosen and built around it by customizing to your own desires. This can be done for Hawaii vow renewal packages also. We share with you some Hawaii wedding couples who were very happy with our Plumeria package, just perfect in what is offered and affordable. Some added additional flowers, singer, etc. Everyone of our couples and guests are greeted personally at the Hawaii wedding location of their choice by our crew of planners,minister and photo/camera crew. Greetings with Aloha. All flowers, bouquets, etc will be on site.

On March 5, 2018, we were delighted to have Elena and Dmitry from Russia , enjoy our wedding package featuring Kahala beach as our Hawaii wedding location for them. They first chose Waimanalo, but they wanted they wanted the Hawaiian environment of coconut trees. So their wedding was held under the swaying coconut trees. A secular wedding, so beautiful and gentle, so far away and different from where they come from. Enjoying the Hawaiian wedding ceremony with our minister, Reverend Mike Nelson, bringing everyone with the feeling of family, leaves you with a feeling of love and joy. Congratulations to Dmitry and Elena. They loved their pictures, memories of that wonderful day.

March 7, 2018, Christi and David from Kansas City enjoyed every bit of their special day and Hawaii wedding packages of Plumeria at the beautiful location of Kahala Beach. This day was a bit hazy but no rain. Casually dressed, perfect for a beach wedding. Laughter in the air. Christi with a constant laughter creates happiness and laughter from everyone. Their intimate and personalized wedding ceremony created with our Hawaii wedding packages full of all English/Hawaiian ceremony with the use of Hawaii’s natural beauty and Aloha spirit. David and Christi, two hearts became one heart filled with love. Mahalo and have a great life together.

March 12, 2018, Chelsea and Jonathan left the chilly weather of Canada to enjoy their Hawaii wedding ceremony at Kahala Beach. Choosing the Plumeria wedding package, they chose to add the melodies of the ukulele with a professional singer. They had a ton of fun getting married that day. A real special treat from our singer as the ukulele player with his performance, as well as our ever Aloha Reverend Mike Nelson. Singing of the Hawaiian wedding song, and other love songs were added to the Plumeria wedding package creating a memorable wedding ceremony. A hip hop Hawaiian melody was played and the new Jonathan and Chelsea swayed and swang away with delight. What a special day it was. Congratulations and Mahalo.


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