Our pride and joy of Hawaii weddings

Hawaii weddings in the plans for Rebecca and Anatoly. The apple of her father’s heart, Rebecca got engaged to Anatoly with the joyous welcome and approval of her parents. Mom and Dad resides in Ohio, and Anatoly’s parents lives in Israel, language barrier existed but their hearts were together. First of all the excitement of Hawaii weddings including the vacation together as family. The wedding ceremony at Magic Island, Ala Moana Beach Park, with the perfect panoramic setting of Hawaii (Diamond Head, the beautiful blue/green waters, Waikiki in the distance and of course all the hotels on the shores of Waikiki. For a once in a lifetime venue, a Hawaii wedding package full of wedding goodies were chosen. White luxury limousine picked everyone up at the Modern Hotel, greeted by our singing ukulele professional. Beautiful Rebecca, sweet and gentle looked like a Hawaiian Princess with a Hawaiian haku head lei. Anatoly, handsome in dark blue fashionable outfit looked lovingly at his bride to be. Romantic stroll hand in hand through the park, stopping for a photo shot with the shower tree in the background. Photo and video crew were busy at work documenting a wedding show for their reception at home.  The sound of the conch, the singing of the Hawaiian wedding song, Dad proudly walking his daughter toward Reverend Michael Nelson an.d Anatoly. Today he gives Rebecca to become Anatoly’s wife. Highlighting this Hawaii wedding was the honoring of their parents with a presentation of double orchid leis. For  Anatoly and Rebecca, what they are and have become today is the result of their parent’s love and support. The wedding ceremony of Rebecca and Anatoly begins with their marriage commitment to the vows they are about to take. The Hawaiian unity sand ceremony followed by the marriage vows to each other, the admiring of and blessing of the ring before exchanging. Finally the exchange of verbal love and thank you, just for their ears and exchange of orchid leis with kisses on each kiss. A love song for the new Anatoly and Rebecca dedicated by our singer-ukulele player. Congratulations and Mahalo. This couple are avid chess players and common interest and love blossomed while attending  college in Texas. Geographical mixture of Ohio, Russia, Israel, Texas and currently Chicago, Illinois.




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