Hawaii weddings

Hawaii weddings  with sandy Magic Island, rainbow in the sky, red sunset. weddings in Hawaii location chosen by Chelsea Rollins and Allen Grindley for their special day on March 5, 2015. It turned out to be a perfect day, even if the forecast was for rain. Bride and groom arrived with all their love ones on a stretch limousine. As they stepped out, the guitar and singing of Hawaiian songs, with cameras (photo/video) documenting this of many special Hawaii weddings. White orchid leis were gifted with love to everyone by the couple.  Most Hawaii weddings are officiated by non-denomination minister in most cases unless requested otherwise. Rev. Michael Nelson greeted everyone with the Mr. Aloha smile of Hawaii.  Hawaii weddings, for us in most cases have the formal portrait shots taken right after the ceremony, however, for sunset weddings (due to the day-light) the session is done before the ceremony. A beautiful day with the good luck rainbow over the skies of Manoa opened their dream day. As the sun got ready to set, the skies were bright orange (what a gorgeous sight).  Chelsea and Allen gathered on the sands of Magic Island surrounded by their love ones. Rev. Mike sounded his conch shell twice to welcome the Hawaiian union of love. The Hawaiian wedding song singing with the sounds of guitar playing as the couple stood at he altar holding hands. Uniting their hearts and lives a unity sand ceremony began. Weddings in Hawaii traditions sand ceremony in place of unity candles. Mother Linda Rollins participated with Chelsea and Allen. The official ceremony was beautiful with the vow exchange, blessing of the rings, exchange of beautiful rings, uniting with white and pink leis around their hands, the precious personal thoughts to each other. With the beautiful ceremony recorded on video, it is eternal. They presented the leis to each other with two kisses on each cheek. A Hawaiian love song was presented by the singer to the new Chelsea and Allen Grindley. Congratulations and pink/red petals thrown at them. Another tradition for weddings in Hawaii on the beach. The background of Diamond head while they signed their marriage certificate.  A bright pink Hawaiian wedding for Chelsea, her favorite color. Many pictures and a beautiful love story of their wedding to share with their love ones. As dusk settled in they all boarded their limo to have some champagne and celebrate with dinner. Much Aloha and Mahalo from wedaloha.com.  Hawaii weddings   are beautiful during sunset as long as it is not a cloudy day. A beautiful successful happy sunset wedding for Mr. & Mrs. Allen Grindley  Much Aloha from planners of Hawaii weddings and weddings in Hawaii.

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